Boy are you brave!

Well, you wanted them to have the great experience of…  Dun dun duuuunnn… The sleepover!  WHAT were you thinking??  You already have 3, so you’re thinking what’s 3 more right?  “I can handle this!”

WRONG!  Whatever your imagination has created for you in that perfect little world known as your mind, throw it out!!  Dump that right in the trash!
Those party games you planned?  HA!  Too babyish.  The movies that you picked out and rented thinking they’d be perfect? HA! Better plan on settling in with the hubs for a movie night, because they want nothing to do with what you’ve chosen!
The world of sleepovers and slumber parties as you knew them are a thing of the past.  The “hit” at parties nowadays? The pizza (of course), the tablets (Apple or android doesn’t matter as long as you have youtube and netflix), and an xbox.  They are quiet and content, with the occasional giggle-fest.
So much for the days of monopoly, scrabble and scattergories, unless of course they’re electronic!
Ahhh, tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow they go OUTSIDE!  Tomorrow will be filled with hide and seek, laser tag, nerf wars and whatever else I can come up with to keep them going!  Oh wait!  There goes my fantasizing again.  
I guess we wait to see what morning holds.  There may not be enough caffeine in the house!
Wish me luck y’all!


  1. Sandy Cain says:

    We never had a sleepover for our daughter, but she went to a few. Our apartment was really small, and her room was tiny. I’m glad I never got into this!

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