From an Everyday Mom

Ok, so I’m not going for Mom of the Year here, but at least I CAN say that my children and their happiness is my top priority.  I am a mom of all trades, and a master of none.  I am raising two girls and a boy, and I must say that raising one over the other is NOT any easier.  Boys are just as complex of a creature as their female counterparts.  They still have their mood swings; the tantrums; the meltdowns.  We still have our good days and our bad ones.

Through this blog, I hope to show you all that while being a mom is not the easiest job in the world, it IS the most rewarding.  Here we can talk about the day to day life, from the mundane to the most exciting.  We can talk about couponing and recipes; cloth diapering versus disposables.  We can talk about the joys and heartache of working outside the home; and working FROM home.  We can talk about the trials and tribulations of being, simply put, the “stay at home mom.”  They are all WONDERFUL experiences!
Like you all, I believe I have a grasp on what works for my family.  My hope is that together we can find what will work for you as well!
I would love to share my life with you; my knowledge, my opinions, and whatever else you may seek to know.  Stick with me, as together we can learn and grow!


  1. OK, here's your love you asked for. Nope, being a mom is not easy, but if it was, only the lazy would do it. Lots of love, patience, and common sense works the best and you have lots of all three. Now, tell me about these give-aways?

  2. The giveaways will at first be from my various personal businesses and/or items I have received. I am hoping to get one going over the next couple of days.

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