Home made or store bought?

Over the past few years, I have tried doing things the old fashioned way… Some may call it the cheap way.  However you look at it, that’s me.  I will try anything once if it will save my family money. If it works well, I gladly continue.

Up until I got pregnant with my youngest, I was making my own laundry soap, dishwasher soap, and yes.. Even my own shampoo!  You would not BELIEVE how much money you can truly save going this route, not to mention how much better your clothes even feel when you put them on!  
Did you know that using vinegar instead of fabric softener will make your clothes nice and soft?  Imagine!  How much do you spend on softener?  At least $3-5, right?  How much is vinegar??  It’s CRAZY, the little changes you can make to cut corners and increase your budget little by little.
Well, I have just found a new way to make laundry soap that I am DYING to try.  Thought that I’d give it a shot, make up a batch and see how much better I like it.  I am again sick and tired of paying upwards of $10 just because I like the smell of a certain laundry soap.  I’m so done and OVER it!
If you, like me, like to save money and would like to try your hand at making this laundry soap.. Stick around.  I’ll be making this new recipe this weekend and will keep you posted as to how well it works and a cost comparison!  I’ll even take photos of the process so you can see step by step how it’s done.
Can’t wait to get this going!  Almost so excited I can’t sleep!

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