Happy New Years!

I know it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted.  I hope this post finds you all well.  

Today marks the official end of a month long illness for my family.  As a mother of multiple children, I know many of you have faced similar circumstances.. But I have to say that caring for 3 young ones virtually alone can be a very daunting task.  You think you’ve just gotten one of them well, and the very same day the next one falls ill.  Then it seems the very next day, the one you thought was well, is right back down with it.  Phew!!
So, here we sit at the dentist.  It just amazes me.  They put you on a waiting list, and never call.  Then, you run into a problem, and *thankfully* get you in right away… Then want to do the work that should’ve been done months ago.  Ok, works for me, I guess.  
6 hours later…..
We spent the better part of the evening at the dentist.  We got there about 2:45 and you’ll never guess when we left!  My goodness that was a long appointment!  He was taken in almost immediately after we got him signed in, and by the time we left it was 5:45!  My poor little bug.  He was in there 3 hours! But.. He made it through like a champ!  He had a cleaning, X-rays, a filling, a baby root canal (nowhere near what an adult root canal is, from what I’m told) and a crown.  No more spacer, as his first one broke and insurance wouldn’t pay for a replacement..  Don’t EVEN get me started on that.  Poor little man was tender and sore by the time we got home, but like my little tough guy.. I heard nary a word.  Got him some pain meds and he was happy as a clam to play on his iPad until bedtime.  He’s now snuggled in like a bug in a rug and no more dentist for another month.  Phew!  Almost done with this and then it should be smooth sailing from then on!!
I’ll bid you adieu for now, and be back tomorrow with our third installment of Earning money and gift cards!  Watch for the new post forthcoming!


  1. I feel for him, What a champ, and so are you!! <3

  2. I'm so proud of him. He's been through sooo much with his teeth. He's just like me at that age. I had teeth removed, spacers put in to hold my teeth in place while permanent ones grew in, had fillings and crowns. I just hope that he doesn't continue on my path once all of this is done. Thanks for the support. It's always nice to hear!

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