So you want to work at home?

I have heard this so many times, over and over again.  It is in very high demand in todays functioning society,

especially for Moms who stay at home all day.  You take care of the house, children and clean and cook..

but you still feel as though you need to contribute to the monthly budget.  Or could it be that for once, you’d just

like to have your own spending money?  Either way, I can completely sympathize.  I spent years and alot of my

hard earned cash to find just ONE out of a ton that I felt that I could really, truly recommend.

After Meeting a few other wonderful individuals in a group that I run on Facebook, they have opened my eyes

to a few more that I think deserve a second look.  I will be listing them here, in separate posts, and then we’ll take a look at

the ones that I do know something about.  If you find that you know of one that isn’t listed here, please feel free to comment

on this post, and try to give as much detail as possible.  I love to help you all with ways to not only SAVE money, but to earn

some as well… without having to spend an arm and a leg to do so… or to only find out that what you

have invested in, was not really worth the money that you have put out.

You can rest assured that the ones I will be talking about are genuine and legitimate.  One I have personally worked

for myself over the last few years.  So, without further ado.. I bring you to what you REALLY came to see.

West At Home

West At Home

I am all about Full Disclosure, so I want you to be aware of a couple of things prior to you applying.

First, there IS a $29.95 fee that you will be responsible to pay.  This is for a background check, and ensures

that you have no blemishes on your record that the company needs to be aware of.   Second, you will

be required to pass a drug test.  This test is paid for by the company, you will just need to present

at a lab to have the test done, and the results will be sent back to West.

Third and final requirement. You MUST have a landline phone and high speed internet.  You will

need a headset that will connect into your landline phone, to be able to take calls for them.

Ok, so now that you know the out of pocket, lets talk about what you will get if you’re hired.

Since this IS a legitimate company to work for, they will require that you fill out your tax paperwork

so that they can withhold the proper amount of taxes, and at the end of the year send you your W-2.

West pays you to train in the comfort of your home.  It’s done completely online, and you will

be asked to pass a test after you have studied the training.    Once you have passed your initial

training, you will be assigned to a project.  West works with MANY large corporations to outsource

their sales, customer service and tech support.  You will start an additional training to ensure that

you have the knowledge to perform your job for that company.

This is a fantastic company to work for, and you will qualify for additional bonuses and incentives based

on your performance!

If that sounds like a career for you, be sure to click on the link in the photo, or you can click HERE to take you

West at Home’s website for more information!


  1. great ideas Robin!

  2. Christine says:

    This is great for those looking for work at home opportunities!

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