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Mom's Journey

Mom’s Journey

I have to be honest that I was a bit skeptical of this book prior to reading it.

I AM a Mom, and many of the “tips” that I have seen on TV and have read in other books did NOT

fly with my kids.  Some were too harsh, some were just down right ridiculous.

This book is FABULOUS, and includes tips that should work for almost any situation.

The author walks you through MANY situations.  Some that I agree with totally, and some that I began to read,

and had to stop and go on to the next topic.  As with every parent, your needs and mine are different… and your

way of parenting may not be the same as mine.

Her chapter about Screaming, for one, was one that I read beginning to end.  I HATE when parents scream at their

children.  I find myself doing it my own children on occasion.  I am not perfect by any means, but I dislike very much losing

my temper to the point I scream.  The author and I agree on that one very precise point.  I do so very little, and it has

been a struggle for me to teach my husband that our kids don’t listen BETTER because he’s yelling.  They actually

shut down, and don’t listen at all… which does the EXACT opposite of what he wants to happen.

My son is a PERFECT example of this.

The next topic that I absolutely LOVED?  The “chapter” on Crying.

This is a topic where many parents are divided.  Some say let them cry it out.  Others are firm believers that

you need to tend to your children when they are crying.  This author nailed it on the head for me.  I am a firm believer

that children cry for a reason.. because they need something from you, whether it’s because their hungry, hurt or just

need some attention.  When you ignore this, you are ignoring their needs.. and by doing so, teaching them that

you really aren’t there for them when they need you.  Now of course, there are times in the store when you REALLY

WANT to ignore their cries.. but as this author points out.. when you ignore their cries.. you leave the potential for a

meltdown that honestly will compare to a nuclear bomb explosion.

I agree, the best option is to tend to their needs.  Get down to their level and talk to them.

Give them some options, and reassure them that you DO care about how they feel.

I also love her section on Love and Praise.

The best things that have every happened to me; the most wonderful things in the world

that I could have been given.. were my 3 children.  I have 2 girls and a boy.

Never do I let a day go by that I don’t tell them how much I love them; how much they mean to me, or how special

they are.  To me, them knowing daily how much I love them is the best gift that I can ever give them.

I never want a day to go by that I could have told them how wonderful they are, or how good at drawing or singing

or cooking or playing they are.

Life is short enough.  You never know when it will be the last time you are able to tell them.

The author takes a slightly different slant on this, that I also agree with.  By praising them at everything they do.. it instills

confidence in them.  The confidence that you instill will reach far beyond whatever you could have imagined.

Let them know that they can be whatever they choose to become, because they ARE great.

You created them!  They are perfect just as they are.

I truly couldn’t have written a book this well written, or this spot on on so many levels.

This is going to be one of those books that I will look back on many times throughout my children’s lives to refer

to her reasoning.  She speaks in the book like she is actually speaking to you as a friend.

Her writing style is that of a friend having a private conversation with her best friend and giving just

those little tid-bits of advice that we give only to our best girl friends.. like it’s a secret.

I highly recommend to all parents to purchase this book.  It will be the best $2.99 that you’ve ever spent.

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