How many have you dated? Are you Dating the Wrong Man?

dating the wrong man

Dating the Wrong Men

  • Laugh, cringe and identify with each “Wrong Man” story.
  • Check the “Signs You’re Dating a … ” at the end of each “Wrong Man” chapter.
  • Discover how a serial “Wrong Man” dater breaks the cycle of bad relationships and finds the ‘Right’ partner.
  • Find and maintain your dignity and self-worth in any “Wrong Man” situation.

Kelly Rossi has hit the nail on the head with her book Dating the Wrong Men.  Her book depicts her life as she deals with a great number of the wrong ones.  She hilariously, and often seriously, depicts each character over the course of her misguided dating years before she finally was able to find HER Mr. Right.

Following, you might like to read a few of mine.  Please feel free to share some of your “wrong men” dating fiasco’s in the comments section!  I’d love to hear the types that you have been through.

Over the course of my 36 years, I have dated a “few” of the Wrong Men.  I have to admit,   I guess for many, the high school years and for a few following, you date, ditch and forget them.

Or do you?

I was in what I thought was a serious relationship many years ago.  Little did I know back then that the few I had dated would set the course for what was to come.  I preferred the “bad boy” or “the Jock” and just have to tell you that neither really ended happily.

The “bad boy” turned into the abusive relationship which damages not only the self confidence, the psyche but often the exterior.  The bad boy turned abuser was also “the cheater”.  Boy, when I hit on dating the wrong man… I got a triple play!  After a couple of years of this, I finally came to my senses and left.

The next memorable one that came along was the “Man with Terrible Timing.”  He was cute, sweet and I thought was everything I wanted and could need.  He was fun, fearless (yes, that was the exciting part) and made me feel like I was the only one in the world.  I always felt special and wanted and cared for when he was around.  He picked me up when I was feeling down, and made sure that my crap day had been turned around.  That is, until a few months later when he found a job that would have him travelling for weeks on end.  We stayed friends, but it would never be the same.

I won’t bore you with the rest, but suffice it to say that I finally did meet Mr. Right.  He is also my Knight In Shining armor.  We had been best friends through our high school years.  He had seen me through some of the roughest patches in my life, and even after the horrendous abusive relationships, was by my side to help me through.  16 years later, we’re still together and still as much in love as the day we realized we were.  We have 3 wonderful children together, and life is finally looking up again.

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