Best flashlight? Yay or Nay?


PeleusTech® Cree LED Flashlight XML T6 Supper Bright 5 Modes Zoomable Focus Adjustable Lamp Torch


.100% brand new
.Made of high quality aviation aluminum, and hard anodic oxygen surface, never rust and durable
.Imported CREE bulb, having a very long lifespan up to over 100,000 hours
.Super bright, blinding effect
.Button style on-off with 3 switch modes
.Zoomable focus
.Perfect lighting for daily use or hiking, camping, and fishing 



To answer the question in the headline?  This flashlight is a total “YAY!!”

My husband was ecstatic when he learned that we had received this flashlight. He leaves for work very early in the morning, usually before the sun is up and picks up his rig on a property where there is ZERO light. This flashlight has been invaluable to him, as he can get out of his personal truck and into the big rig without having to worry about walking into things, like he has done in the past. He no longer has to kill his battery by leaving the lights on in his truck to see where he’s going. The wrist strap makes it easy even in the dark, as it will slide over your wrist to ensure you don’t drop it. This flashlight has 5 modes, and the brightest setting is almost blinding. He has used this for not only finding his way in the dark, but also during times when he has to work on his vehicle after dark. We use it daily as we take our dogs for short walks on the property, as well as in the park. It is also awesome for an emergency flashlight for your vehicle. With the SOS mode and strobe, you can also use it if you are broken down, to be able to alert help or passersby to your situation. This flashlight has so many uses, that it truly is an invaluable item for every day usage. I will be ordering another one for my own personal vehicle to use as a just in case.

This product was received complimentary for my personal use and enjoyment and an honest and unbiased review. Regardless, all opinions and experiences expressed are my own, and I only recommend products that I feel will greatly benefit Mean Mommy Magic’s readers.


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  2. We have never used this flashlight. We just have the old fashion type

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This flashlight is awesome. It is also a perfect size. Thank you so much for sharing

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