Earn money & Gift cards. Volume 1 #money #finance #tips

How many of you like free money?  Do you participate with websites that legitimately help you to earn gift cards for the things that you are already doing?  I know I do!    I participate in various programs, apps on my iPhone, and websites that have earned me NUMEROUS gift cards and cash.  Over the course of the next few days, I thought I would go over the very best ones that I use. I’ll tell you what I know to work, how they work, and can show you on many that they ARE legitimate.  
I would also love to hear from you what programs and apps that you use.  I am willing to try them all and will review each of them to give you honest feedback.  If you’ve heard of some, but want feedback before you try them, let me know that as well.   I know that I personally paid for my family’s Christmas this year thanks to gift cards that I earned through these various programs!  Talk about a load off my mind this year!
I think I’ll begin with my absolute FAVORITE!  MyPoints!
I have used MyPoints since I can remember.  It has earned me no less than $50 in gift cards each year for the past 6+ years.  This year it was much more than that!  I received more than $300 in gift cards!
MyPoints offers points for doing MANY of the things every day that you already do!
*Do you read your email?  I know I do, and mypoints sends up to 10 emails every day that offer you opportunity to earn points.  *Do you shop online from walmart, kmart, target???  Why not earn points for every dollar that you spend already?  There are literally HUNDREDS of retailers that participate with MyPoints to help you earn.  * Do you play games?  Why not earn points while you play?   * Do you coupon?  Why not earn points for printing and using those coupons?
There is no cost to join MyPoints, but can you see the great benefit here?  It’s been around for years, but yet you’re just now hearing of it?!
You can go to their website and join, or use my referral link and earn bonus points for doing so.
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Stay tuned for my next installment of ways to earn!

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