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Today, as I’ve been reflecting on my life and the turn it’s taken us, I realized that truly GOOD friends are hard to find.  You may find that you have a number of acquaintances, but sit back and really think.  How many can you say are actually GOOD friends?  I can count on my hands the number of true friends that I have.  

Yes, I’ve had MANY that claimed they were.  Yes, I’ve been blinded on occasion by those that are there for a fleeting moment in time.  They SAY that they will be there, and for awhile they are.  Then comes that time when you truly need the shoulder to lean on that you’ve given them, time and again.  Then where are they?  Yup!  Gone.  You can’t do any more for them; they’ve simply left you high and dry.

It wasn’t until we needed to move, with nowhere to turn, that I have found just WHO those friends truly were.  The answer?  It may be a bit of a long story and it’s a story of just ONE.  

Back in October, we were in the market to buy a horse.  We’d found our first, but were looking for at least 1 or 2 more.  We’d searched craigslist for weeks, when we responded to an ad that had a herd of them for sale.  We called him, and began to spend time over there with him.  Over the course of thetime that we’d spent with our horses, picking up feed that we buy in cooperation with him, and hanging out, we found that we’d connected.

I know, I know… The dreaded Craigslist.  I thought the same.  “We need to really be careful.  You never know who you’re going to meet.”  That sentiment couldn’t have been more true.  We’d been looking for a “for sale” ad, but at the end of that long road, we’d actually found a friend.  A friend who is able to not only accept friendship and help, but able to also reciprocate that friendship and loyalty. 

Who would’ve thought?  

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