3 Ways To Make Homemade Family Meals Much Healthier

When it comes to making homemade meals for our families, we want to do the best by everyone. So, this involves creating something that is full of nutrition and full of taste. Something that is healthy as well as enjoyable to eat. This might sound straightforward when written down, but we all know that it is much more complex than that. Often, to make healthy things taste great, you have to work extra hard. You have to try different things, experiment a little. However, there are some shortcuts also! There are ways that you can make homemade family meals much healthier!

In this short blog, we’ll look at how you can bake sweet treats for dessert in a healthier way. We’ll also highlight a healthy oil you can use for cooking. That’s not to mention a quick pit-stop at the topic of fruit, and the sneaky sugars that it contains! Read on to find out more…


Use a replacement sweetener

Sugar, in small amounts, is fine for humans. We can digest it and break it down, and then flush it out again. However, this is only in very small and irregular amounts. If you pass this point, the side effects can be devastating. This is not an overstatement. Effects of excessive sugar consumption include memory impairment. They can also range from headaches to potentially even dementia. A great opportunity to swap out sugar for a replacement sweetener is when baking. There are many recipes out there, from cookies to cakes, which include sugar in the recipe. However, in many cases, changing it for a different ingredient is hard to detect. Agave nectar comes in liquid form and gives a similar taste without all the bad effects.

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Switch out olive oil for sunflower oil

Start using sunflower oil for healthy meals that you cook at home. Sunflower oil, which comes from sunflower seeds, is healthier than olive oil, which comes from olives. The former is classed as a vegetable oil, while the latter is classed as a fruit oil. Sunflower oil is a fantastic source of Vitamin E, which is great for your skin and eyes and is a powerful antioxidant. Many also suggest that sunflower oil is a better ingredient to cook with than butter or lard.

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Eat your fruit whole, not as smoothies

You may provide you and your family with a homemade fruit smoothie for a breakfast meal occasionally. You probably do this with the best of intentions. After all, fruit is good, right?! Well, yes it is, but it also contains lots of natural sugar. This is especially true of ingredients often found in smoothies, like strawberries and mango. While this is okay usually, when you break down the fruit, your body find it hard to digest these sugars. You are also taking these sugars in via your teeth, which in both kids and adults can lead to rotting and damage. So, when it comes to fruit at mealtime, eat it whole. It is much healthier for you, in many respects.

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