Danger lurks when using NEW Pokemon Go app

pokemon go

It’s all the rage now.

You see people out and about with their eyes glued to their phones trying to catch the elusive Pokemon.

Many you see have teenagers and small children with them.. and why not?  It IS a children’s and family app, after all.. is it not?

But please be warned, that Danger lurks in the use of apps like Pokemon Go.

Why, you ask?  Because you have to have your location enabled to use it, first and foremost.  The same “gym’s” and check in points are in everyone’s games who live in the same town.

So, how can this be dangerous you ask?

Because you, the unsuspecting family, go to each checkpoint to gather Pokeballs, or catch Pokemon.. and other’s up to no good are there lying in wait.

Here are just a few of the links that I’m sure are out there, and I will update these news articles as I find them.



Please be careful if you choose to continue to play.

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