Must Have Cooking Gadgets For The Modern Kitchen

There are so many home gizmo’s now, it’s hard to work out which are essentials and which are just unnecessary. From egg poachers to rice cookers, the lists seem endless. Here are the top home gadgets that you really need in the everyday, modern kitchen. They cover all the needs of a home chef, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on any of them.

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A good set of knives are absolutely essential to any home chef. A blunt knife is very frustrating to work with, can take so much longer to use and may cause accidents. Make sure you have a set with a few different shapes and sizes to cover you for all your needs.

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are very useful for busy families. You can make a huge variety of meals in them; including casseroles, roast dinners, curries and soups. Make sure you get one big enough for the size of your family, fill it up in the morning, and you’ll have a delicious meal waiting for you by the evening.

Food Processor

A good food processor can be an investment, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. They make preparing meals so easy, slicing and chopping all your vegetables and ingredients for you. Different blades and adaptors are available, so you can also blend and mix a variety of dishes. This eliminates the need for separate blenders and juicers, saving you money and cupboard space in the long run

Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is vital for any coffee lover out there. Even if you don’t drink a lot yourself, it is handy to have for any guests and visitors that drop by. There are many different types, but take a look at the best espresso machines for less than $1,000 in 2016 and compare the variety of brands. The taste of fresh coffee is simply worlds away from the jarred types.

Electric Mixer

You really appreciate an electric mixer after trying to mix cake batter by hand! They are relatively inexpensive and make life so much easier. They normally come with different arms as well, so try them on bread and pastry dough as well.


Again, baking is pretty difficult without a decent set of scales. Whilst many recipes can be translated into cups or measurements, there are some which require precise amounts. Another inexpensive appliance which is a definite cupboard essential.


Some recipes are more lenient, but others have to be timed to perfection. It’s pretty easy to forget what time you put your meal in the oven, so a handy egg timer can ensure your meals won’t burn.

Non-stick cookware

There’s nothing more annoying than having to scrape your carefully prepared, burnt food from the bottom of a pan or baking tray. Non-stick cookware means exactly that, no more food catching and burning. This will help with the washing up and create healthier meals, with less oil needed.

Now all you need are the ingredients, and a few hungry mouths to feed!

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