Stuff You Need For Growing Your Own Veg: A Simple Guide

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is such a great idea. Not only does it mean that you are not always reliant on buying your produce from the store, but is also helps you feel connected to your food. You’ll need a few bits and bobs to start growing your own veg at home. Read on for my simple guide.

Protective clothing


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First of all gardening can be a messy business, especially if you want to get the kids involved. This means you’ll need to get a bib and gloves. The bib saves your clothes from getting covered in soil. You should get waterproof gloves. These are useful for weeding, and it stops you getting soil stuck under your nails. Get the kids their own garden clothes and tools, as this will help them to get excited about the gardening process. Or you can just use some of their older stuff that you don’t mind getting dirty.  

Things to grow veg in

Obviously, you are going to need soil to grow your veg in. If you are growing outside, then take a look at the earth that you have in your yard. If it’s not excellent quality, add some compost to it to increase the nutrient level. This will give your veg the best start.

You can use planters, tubs and raised beds as well, so don’t think you have to put your plants straight into the ground. Do what suits you best. Root veg like carrots and parsnips work really well in tall planters and raised beds are perfect for all types of lettuce leaves.

If you are growing inside, you need to decide, the volume of veg you want to produce. For a small amount of herbs and tomatoes, window boxes filled with compost can work really well. Just make sure you water them often.

If you are looking to produce more veg, to feed your family, you can look buying in some hydroponic supplies. You can get integrated units that deal with light, temperature and water so you can place them anywhere in your house that is convenient.


Some essential tools that your will need to grow your own vegetables is a hand trowel and fork. These are good for up close work, like digging your produce up. If you are planting in the garden, you will also need a full-size spade, fork and rake, to turn the grown over and rid it of weeds.


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Seeds or plants

Obvious, I know, but plants have to grow from something. You can grow your veg from scratch and plant seeds. Or you can buy developed plants and plant them. You can even save seeds from pumpkins and other veg and try to grow your own from them.

When purchasing plants makes sure to read the labels thoroughly. Follow the instructions and plant them at the right depth. Find a spot where the will get the right amount of sunshine and make sure to water as directed to get the best results.

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