Drink Up: The Best Beverages For A Cold Morning

Most of us know how tough it is to crawl out of our soft, warm beds in the winter. Especially when the sun isn’t even up, and it’s freezing cold outside. But it still has to be done. Luckily, making yourself, a hot beverage first thing can really help wake you up, warm you up, and set you up for the day ahead. But what are the best beverages to drink on those cold winter mornings? Read on to find out.


Earl Grey Tea


If you are a tea person, rather than a coffee fiend, then a great way to start the day is with a classic, hot, English cup of Earl Grey tea. Designed to be drunk without milk, this tea has delicate smoky bergamot flavor.



It is a marvelously gentle way to wake up your senses on a cold winter’s morning. Add a slice of lemon or a little honey for extra flavor, although the tea cup and saucer is optional!


Hazelnut Café Mocha.


So this dream of a drink has all the good things in it. Its pretty darn easy to make to, so don’t get your knickers in a twist about not having enough in the mornings, either!


All you need to do is make a fresh ground batch of coffee. So check out some of the articles like coffee grinders 101 to decide which grinder to get. Then add to this a mix of cream, melted with hazelnut spread, and cocoa powder. Finish it off with a squirt of whipped cream for an added treat, and you won’t be disappointed.


Chai Tea


One of the most fashionable brews to get you going in the mornings, Chai tea is delicious and can easily be made at home. A classic cup of Chai tea, is made with black tea and Masala Chai spice, as well as milk.


To get the best effect, warm and froth with milk before you add it to the tea. You can also buy Chai tea in bags now. But for the most authentic taste, add your own Chai Masala spice which you can get here.


Bulletproof Coffee


This is a drink that has become particularly popular within the whole eating movement. It is designed to provide a boost of caffeine as well as enough fat to get your brain and body going in the mornings.



But how do you make it? Well, it’s pretty simple, and all you need are good quality ingredients. Firstly take great quality coffee, beans ground fresh. Add these to filtered water to make your brew. Then add unsalted butter or ghee, grass fed, and there you have it.


Hot Water And Lemon


For all you purists out there on a healthy eating kick, there really is only one suitable hot beverage for the morning. That is hot water and lemon.


In this, you will find no caffeine and caffeine and no dairy. Ok, so it sounds a little boring. But its is actually pretty refreshing. Also you are getting hydrated without having to chug down a load of cold water when it’s freezing weather outside.


You can even add a little ginger to spice things up a bit. Which acts are a great cleaning agent and can help to stimulate your digestive system.



  1. I love to drink hot beverages in the winter as well. I love tea and have so many kinds and flavors. I have heard about hot water and lemon, I need to try it.

  2. Hmm, I am definitely interested in the butter and coffee? I have copied some of these recipes thank you for posting them!!!

  3. Oooo … some of those look delicious! Especially since it’s chilly here right now. =0) Thanks for posting!

  4. Since i am doing a 20 day weight loss challenge, I make sure to drink one cup of dark roast coffee every morning. I have to say that it is very effective when it comes to suppressing my appetite.

  5. I love coffee but the effect on me is crazy. I won’t be able to sleep for more than 24hrs after 1 cup. Haha.

    I would want a hot and lemon drink because it is refreshing:)

  6. I have been fighting an annoying cold for a couple weeks now and the first thing I do every morning is have a hot cup of Throat Coat tea 🙂

    Gennifer Rose | GenniferRose.com

  7. I wouldn’t mind to drink any drink from this list in a morning. Hazelnut Mocha maybe sounds the best to me.

  8. Hot water and honey with a touch of lemon is my default and favorite drink. I’ve been hearing more about the bullet proof coffee and I really want to try some….These are indeed great drink options!

  9. Chai Tea is my go to morning drink!!! I love it!!

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