Food-Tastic Ideas You Need To Make A Memorable Breakfast

Breakfast can always be a tricky time for moms. After all, it can be challenging to get your little ones to sit down and eat something before they can go to school. They say they are not hungry, or they don’t want their boring toast or cereal option. But as you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if your kids don’t eat anything, they will end up not concentrating properly in the morning. Therefore, they might end up doing poorly when they are at school. And not only this, but they will be hungry in an hour or two so might end up snacking on unhealthy choices. So you need to try and think of some good breakfast ideas that will entice them to eat up! Therefore, here are some food-tastic ideas you need to make a memorable breakfast.


Make some fruit-tastic smoothies for the kids


It’s often hard to get kids to consume enough fruit in their life. But with the recommended amount being five portions per day, it’s important to ensure they get their fill of fruit every single day. One way of doing this would be by making smoothies for breakfast. For one thing, it makes for an interesting breakfast option that your kids will hopefully not put their nose up at. After all, the delicious flavors can make the smoothies appetizing. And it’s better than sitting down at the table with a bowl of boring cereal. But also, making smoothies gives you a good chance to ensure your kids have their five-a-day. After all, you can add a ton of different fruits to the smoothies to make sure it’s delicious for your kids. And while they might hate particular fruits like oranges and apples when they are whole, they might actually enjoy them in a smoothie! The good thing about a smoothie is they can be consumed quickly. It means your kids won’t have to take ages sitting at the table. And if they don’t finish it before you need to get in the car, they can finish it on the way to school! Remember to let your kids help you to make the smoothies to ensure they drink them! And wash all fruit before you put it in the blender to ensure it’s healthy for the kids.



Get cooking some delicious pancakes


Every kid loves a plate of pancakes. And while it’s not something you want to cook every day, it can make breakfast more exciting for your child. After all, they get to enjoy the delicious pancakes with a whole range of great toppings. You could buy things such as nuts, fruit, and different sauces which they can have with their pancakes. And by making pancakes, you can be assured that your child will take the time to eat breakfast. That way, they will be nice and full when they reach school. You might want to buy ready made pancakes which you can just heat up in the microwave or toaster for a few minutes. Or you ought to make it from scratch with some pancake mix. Just make sure pancake is cooked properly, so your family aren’t at risk of food poisoning. And make sure you check if products like pancake mix have been recalled. After all, you have to be so careful with these when they have been made with eggs as they pose a listeria risk. You can learn from Unsafe Foods more about what’s safe for your family.



Opt for a bowl of yogurt with fun toppings


Yogurt is a great thing for kids to have in the morning. Not only does it line your stomach to prevent tummy issues in the day, but it’s also excellent to fill you up. Therefore, your kids will go to school with a full stomach. However, boring plain yogurt is not going to entice your kids to eat up. Therefore, if you want to ensure they have a memorable breakfast, you should opt for some fun toppings that the kids can eat to their fat-free yogurt. For example, you might want to chop up some fruit which they can enjoy. Or you might decide to go for some chocolate buttons which they can add to the creamy delightful dish. Toppings will definitely turn boring yogurt into a fun breakfast that your kids will actually want to consume!


Go egg-mad with some dipping soldiers


Eggs are also an excellent choice when it comes to breakfast. Not only is the food one of the healthiest around for your kids (they are packed full of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins), but they are also very delicious. But you have to be creative with how you serve eggs to your kids. After all, they are not going to enjoy the egg on its own. One idea of how to make sure your kids eat up is by going for a boiler egg with ‘dipping soldiers’. Basically, you chop up toasted bread into small pieces and then smooth butter on the bread. You can add extra toppings like marmite or jam if your kid fancies it. And then they can use the soldiers to dip into their egg. It makes it a lot more fun for your child, and they will be more encouraged to eat up. And if this doesn’t float their boat, you could consider going for an omelette instead. After all, this is a delicious breakfast option which you can fill with a ton of ingredients!


Warm their bellies with some porridge


At this time of the year, you want to ensure your kid stays as warm as possible. And this includes their belly too!  Therefore, you should go for some porridge to ensure they have a hearty breakfast before they leave for school. Of course, porridge is not the most fun breakfast in the world. But you can make it more interesting if you add in some extra toppings. For example, you could add some jam to give it a fruity taste. Or you could even opt for some fruit like bananas to make it tastier. Therefore, find ways to give the porridge some life to ensure your child eats up!


Opt for some fun cereal they don’t have every day


A lot of kids don’t consume breakfast as they get fed up with the same cereal day in, day out. But to ensure your child eats up, you should opt for something more fun that they don’t eat every day. For example, a bowl of Lucky Charms or Reese’s Puffs would definitely help to ensure they eat up. After all, they are so delicious and tasty. And as long as it doesn’t become a daily occurrence, it isn’t a huge issue to give them a fun cereal occasionally. You can also tweak their usual cereal by serving it with a different type of milk. For example, you could go for a strawberry or banana milk to give it a new lease of life. Or even add some fun toppings to make it more interesting for your kid.

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Go savory with some mac n cheese


A lot of people think that they have to go for traditional option when it comes to breakfast. For example, they believes it’s necessary to go for cereal, waffles, or toast for their kids. But there’s no reason why you can’t go more savory with your child’s breakfast if you want to encourage them to eat up. One option which you could consider going for is mac n cheese. Kids love the cheesy dish and will definitely consume it when it’s time for breakfast. And it will keep them full for hours. You can also tweak the recipe so that it includes things like vegetables to ensure it’s a healthier option for breakfast. Here are some unique options when it comes to making your kids mac and cheese!


Enjoy some delicious pastries


If your kid is bored of having toast every day, you should go for something else in the bread line to ensure they eat up when it’s time for the first meal of the day. For example, you might want to go for some form of pastry which they will love to consume. You could go for a croissant which you can serve with butter and jam. And you can make it even more exciting if you put cheese and ham inside, or even go for a chocolate choice. And croissants are not the only option when it comes to pastries for your kids. You could go for some form of danish which will go down a treat as well.


Get some sausages and bacon cooking


While it’s not viable to make a cooked breakfast every day, you could make it a once a week treat to ensure your kids eats a good hearty breakfast before school. You should cook some sausages and bacon which your kids will enjoy. You could serve it with an egg to give it a healthier touch. Your child is bound to tuck in, and it will ensure they have something decent to eat before they hit the school gates!


And remember toast doesn’t have to be boring. You can add so many unique toppings like avocado to make it more enjoyable!


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