Why Making Your Own Bread Is Better


Today, organic and homemade foods are getting more and more popular. In the past, only the elites had the capacity and knowledge to enjoy these kinds of foods.  However, its influence today have reached the middle class and general public. More and more people have started to see the benefits that organic and homemade food offer to not just your family’s health and taste but also to your budget. Yes, buying your own ingredients and personally making them at home actually saves you a lot of money aside from their health benefits.


With that being said, if you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, then I suggest you quickly try doing so, by making your own organic and homemade food. Bread is the perfect food for you to make as it is easy and cheap. Plus, it is a very common food, so surely you won’t have to worry about spoilage as you can always eat at any time or even give some loaves to your friends or neighbors. Bread is generally very easy to create unless you want to impress the king with an out of this world pastry and land yourself as the kingdom’s official baker, then all you will be needing are the basic ingredients and a suitable bread maker and probably a few other kitchen appliances and tools to make the process faster.

If you think that baking homemade bread is a bad idea as you can always buy tasty and cheap bread from different bakeries and pastry shops, prepare to be blown away by the top reasons why it is better to  make your own bread.

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Health Benefits

We all know that our environment is suffering day by day. And if the environment is suffering, its inhabitants will also naturally suffer. With each day going by, we are more prone to harmful toxins from the air or probably even from the foods we consume. Manufactured foods, or in this case bread, contain preservatives and other ingredients that only our friend google knows what they are. Furthermore, as we check the ingredients, we can find different kinds of yeasts, emulsifiers, and other ingredients that only the makers know of. Because of this, we and our families and loved ones are more prone to harmful materials that will affect our bodies and even cause long-term problems.


However, if you create your own homemade bread, you will be able to control the ingredients that you will be using and adding to the recipe. You can adjust according to your family’s preferences. You can use the brands you trust. You can use organic ingredients that you can buy yourself from trusted shops and suppliers. You can also avoid allergy development and allergy breakouts by making your own bread. Truly, with these benefits alone, you surely must have been convinced already. However, there is still yet another benefit that will seal the deal for you.


Cheap, Save more money

Homemade bread is actually cheaper than manufactured bread. Think about it, homemade bread costs only the ingredients and probably your effort. On the other hand, manufactured bread’s costs include: labor, ingredients, advertising, transportation, commissions and other things. Do the math and compare.


In conclusion, with these 2 reasons alone, a person will surely be convinced on why making homemade bread is better than buying it in the store. After all, health is the primary reason why we eat, it is where we invest our hard-earned money. With these insider tips, you surely must invest in the better product.



  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    That looks good! I actually made two loaves of garlic bread yesterday.

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