3 Steps to Making Your Newborn Photography Standout

3 Steps to making your newborn photography standout


Newborn photography is an altogether different level of photography. It requires extra patience, flexibility, and a lot of responsibility. Despite the challenges, newborn photography is attracting a lot of individuals. Some are already professional photographers who want to venture into taking photos of babies while others are newcomers who want to try their hand at photography. With the sea of photographers in the market, how do you standout?

Having exceptional service is one of the things that your clients will love you for. But other than that, you must also have your own style, a distinct trademark, so that people will be able to identify your work. When it comes to your newborn sessions, these three steps can contribute to making your newborn photos standout.

Lifestyle sessions. Although studio sessions are great, they are also very common. You will surely find a lot of newborns being photographed inside studios and doing similar poses. If you want to standout then include lifestyle sessions in your newborn photography. These tell a better story because you are adding elements that are personal and meaningful. Include sessions inside your client’s home or in their backyard. You won’t find the same images anywhere else because these are unique to your client. Parents and other family members can pose with the baby as well. Let them interact naturally with the baby because these bring out real emotions, create wonderful memories, and leave lasting impressions.

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Capture baby’s emotions. Most of your newborn photos would show your baby in a sleeping state. If you get the chance, capture moments when the baby is awake. Capture varied emotions and facial expressions such as a smile, a yawn, and a coo. Let the baby interact with his or her parents and take close up shots. This gives you more intimate photos of the baby with their mom or dad and lets you capture the little details.

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Newborn photography props. A lot of times newborn photos look similar even though different photographers took them. This is because they use the same set of props. You will always find baskets, bowls, nests, pillows, fabrics, blankets, headbands, and the like. This clean and classic style is typical of most newborn photos. Make your photos more personal by incorporating the baby’s parents into the picture and using them or parts of their body as a prop. To make your photos stand out even more, have something made for you instead. Gather inspiration from nature, antique shops, fabric stores or from your client’s things and use this in your photo sessions. Just don’t forget to put the baby’s safety first and everything else will fall into place.

Aside from the skills, the gears, and an eye for detail, making your mark in the world of newborn photography involves passion, creativity, and inspiration. These things will make your photos stand out from the rest and help you establish your own brand of photography. Tap into your creative side and find inspiration in the little babies behind the camera.


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