Affordable Escapes For When Mommy Needs A Break

Life seems to become more and more hectic, especially when you’re juggling keeping small humans alive, with housework, a career, more housework (you get the idea). However, if you continue working too much, you’ll end up running out of steam, and won’t be able to look after yourself, let alone anybody else in the family. Therefore, it’s vital that you take some take to yourself to escape it all.


You don’t have to book a six-month cruise around the Caribbean, sans children; however, finding some trustworthy childcare now and again will give you the opportunity to book some time away by yourself, or with your partner or friend. You’ll come back from your break feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the school run (and your family will appreciate the cheerful mood you’ve returned with); so, take a look at the following ideas (escape plans), and book yourself a treat.


A Day Break


One thing that many people don’t realize is that it’s not actually expensive to visit a health spa; it’s the treatments, like massages and facials, which cost all the money. So, consider looking into spas in your area, and find out how much it costs for entry. You can go along with a loved one, or alone, and enjoy the pool, steam room, and sauna facilities, or lie back in the jacuzzi and enjoy the water pummeling your aching limbs. The change of environment and the soothing sounds of the water will relax and revive you in no time. If you do decide to pay for an added treatment, you can visit Elle Magazine’s website to discover what will relax you the most.


If visiting a spa isn’t an option for you, you could save your cash by letting the grandparents enjoy the company of your little ones for a day or two, and creating your own spa at home. Use scented candles and relaxing music to ease away your stress and take a long bath, without anyone calling for you outside the bathroom door (bliss).

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A Night Out


The excitement of booking the tickets to your favorite musical, or a show that everyone’s been raving about, will lift your mood instantly. There are always last-minute deals on, so as long as you’ve sorted out who’s looking after the kids, you can grab your tickets for a fraction of the cost. Why not make a night of it, and encourage your partner to stay in a hotel near the theater so that it feels like a mini break away. You can visit Coupon Sherpa’s website and get a great deal on your bookings by using a voucher code, and you could end up paying less than half what a room would normally cost.


See if there are any offers on dining in the theater, or hotel, restaurant; often breakfast is included when you book a night in a hotel, and there’ll be a discounted price when you book tickets to see a show and want to eat dinner there too. Take a look at the most popular theater performances that are on show now, to help you decide what tickets to book and go and enjoy your night out! So, if you have the money put aside for a treat (or a few), you can take full advantage of any money saving tricks that pop up when you’re planning a little getaway.

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