Clever Energy Saving Tips for Household: Summer Edition

Summer is a beautiful time for saving as much energy as possible. Just think about it; you get to be warm and enjoy loads of light with the help of the sun and don’t even need to spend anything on it. That is, of course, until it gets unbearably hot and you want to turn on the air conditioner. You have a lot of stuff in your house that creates heat. Have you ever been the last one to come home, after surviving that dreadfully warm commute back from work, only to open the door and meet a wall of stuffed air? The people inside don’t even notice it.

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Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeve for how you can avoid spending far too much on household energy – it’s green, natural, good for your wallet, and will give you healthy habits to help you save all year around.

Keep the Heat out


Make it easier for them as well as yourself; cover up the windows when the sun hits hard, use outdoor shading, and keep the heat from sneaking into your house. I know it’s the last thing you want to do when it’s so sunny and bright outside, but that wonderful light is only going to heat your home up to the degree that you’re going to have to turn on the air con. Check out this article for excellent tips on energy saving window covers – it makes a big difference.


Thin, old windows are also your worst enemy during both the cold and the hot season. Double glazing is a bit costly, but really worth it if you can afford the investment; by keeping all the elements outside, it protects your home from being affected. Have a look at what windows installations from Metropolitan Contractors can do for your home to keep it cool and fresh – or warm and cozy – when you need it the most.


Avoid Indoor Heat Sources


That comforting heat of your oven during winter, the lovely smell of something baking, and the feeling of fresh air flooding your home after opening a window while it’s cooking – that feeling belongs to the cold seasons. Now that it’s nice and warm outside, you want to avoid that comforting heat by all means – the most energy savvy of us doesn’t even touch their oven when it’s summer. If you do use it, and I sure do, try not to open too much as a lot of the heat will escape and linger around your living room instead.


Try to stick to salads and cold dishes as much as you can. Not only will it give your home a proper July attitude, but it will also be nice with a chill and refreshing dinner after a warm commute home. Showers should also be meant to wake you up, wash you clean, and not heat up your home with a lot of hot steam.


Living Without Air Conditioning


This is, of course, the ultimate goal and will save you more money than anything this season. After doing everything above, you can put the final nail in your air conditioners’s coffin by sealing off the rooms you are using, dressing in light and airy clothes, as well as using the cool air of the evening to your advantage. Once you get used to these little tricks, next summer’s energy bill will look so much better – and you’ll still be cool and happy, spending that extra money on something more exciting.


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