10 Simple Ways To Keep Stress At Bay



At some point or another in life, we all get faced with a stressful situation or two. Some of us with come across them more frequently than others. Sometimes, that can be a sign of a more hectic lifestyle. However, it can also indicate more about how we deal with stress, than our lifestyles. Because not everyone is great at handling stress. When it hits, it can often overwhelm us. We can bottle things up until we blow, or even let them eat away at us for long periods of time. But both methods aren’t always healthy.


Instead, we have to actively work to manage stress in order to conquer it. You may not always feel like it, but if you’re going to get a hold on stress, you need to be able to work with it. Stress can be a killer. It has such bad effects on the body, like increased blood pressure, depression, and headaches to name a few, that we have to work on managing it if we want to lead healthy and happy lives – our kids too. So if you want to figure out how to handle stress a whole lot better and finally feel good about yourself, here are ten simple tips to try out.

Know Your Triggers


Firstly, you’re going to want to work out exactly what it is that makes you stressed. This can be tricky, so you’re really going to have to drill down on what it is that makes you unhappy, freak out, or feel under pressure. Sometimes it can be work, a commitment, an event, or anything that makes up part of your everyday life. By identifying your triggers, you’ll be able to work on easing out stress.


Be Self Aware


As you start to identify what is making you stressed out in life, you’re then going to want to be more aware of yourself when you’re in certain situations. Being self-aware can help you to understand your feelings and your thought processes better. You may also find that you’re able to acknowledge when something is starting to stress you out in order to stop it or take control of the situation before it causes you harm.



Walk Away


At this point, you should feel a little more in control of your stress. Even if you’re unable to stop it from happening right now, you do know what it is that is causing the stress, and you’re more aware of when it starts. So, this gives you power. Now, you’re able to get some kind of control. You should aim to distance yourself from the things or situations that are causing you stress, as they’re not doing anything positive for your health.


Focus On Fun


But distancing yourself from triggers isn’t always the only solution. You should work to do what you can to balance out the bad with the good. You need to focus less on the stress and more on being happy. So, have fun. You want happy, healthy kids, so you’re going to want to be a happy, healthy parent. Try to worry less and enjoy more. A more carefree attitude is what you need right now.


Deal With Problems


However, you still need to be able to deal with your problems. If you’re someone that usually hides away from confrontation or your worries, do what you can to change that. Ignoring your issues will not solve them. Instead, you need to hit them head on. The only way to make your problems go away is to acknowledge them, confront them, and work to put them right.


Try Out Meditation


If you’re the kind of person that always has things piling on top of you, you’re going to want to learn to clear your mind and take the tension away from your body. Because stress can harm your physical happiness as well as your mental state. Meditation can help with that. Even if you feel like you can’t still your mind, you’ll be able to make some sense of your thoughts and find a happy mental space when you start to meditate.



Or Yoga


The same goes for yoga. Yoga is a great form of exercise to de-stress with. Not only does it give your body a good workout, but you can stretch away and tension and clear your mind. Because yoga is just as beneficial for your mind as it is your body. If you want to have something for yourself to help with stress, yoga could give you that for a few hours each week.


Stay Away From Toxins


At the same time, you’re also going to want to make sure that you’re not exposing your body to harmful toxins that can put physical stress on your system. You may not realize it, but this can all contribute to how you’re feeling. Instead of eating junk food or using chemical beauty products, opt for natural made lotions and products and try to eat organically. You should find that putting fewer toxins into your body is better for your stress levels.


Have A Retreat


If you’re starting to understand what it is that you need to do for yourself, your mind, and your body, you may be getting one step closer to setting stress at bay for good. But, you may find that you need a space all to yourself to do that in. Whether it’s a room at home, somewhere in the garden, or even heading to a nearby beach, it’s often useful to have somewhere you can go to switch off and have some quiet time.


Indulge In Your Hobby


Another important way to fight off stress is to have a hobby. Hobbies can be great not only for your enjoyment, but also for stress relief. Whether you like to go fishing, read, or even paint, it’s important to have a pastime that you’re passionate about. That way, when the world gets on top of you, you have something to help you take your mind off of it all for short space of time.

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