A Productive Rant about the Importance of Home Comfort

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People really underestimate the importance of comfort in any home. They seem to see it only as a luxury that people shouldn’t really pay much attention to unless they have absurd amounts of money. But a comfortable home isn’t merely some indulgence, nor is it merely an inviting one. A comfortable home is also a healthy home. Still, a lot of us don’t really appreciate this, and continue to see real comfort as a luxury that’s fairly low on our lists of priorities. For the most part, we seem to be in the mindset that we should just be grateful to have a roof over our heads.


This isn’t a terrible mindset to have; after all, perhaps more of us should stop and think about how lucky we are to have roofs over our heads. But more of us should also take the time to consider the importance of your families being comfortable. It helps your satisfaction in the short-term, but it can also help your health in the long-term. When you spend a bit more time and money on the comfort of your home, it helps encourage a clean and healthy atmosphere in ways that you may not have considered.


We’re going to take a quick look at the things you may want to consider when we talk about home comfort.

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Perfecting the vibe


A lot of us know people who seem to be perpetually frustrated with their home. In fact, you may be one of those people! Maybe you don’t like the carpet very much. Maybe the color of the walls bothers you. The shelving in the living room seems a little off, or the placement of appliances in the kitchen is inconvenient, or there’s not enough room to move around in your bedroom. While these may frustrate you, you might ultimately write these off as trivial matters.


While there are certainly more important things in life, all of these little frustrations add up and create a bad vibe. This means that you’re going to be a lot more stressed out at home than you should be – something that will exacerbate feelings of discomfort, which will exacerbate feelings of stress, which will exacerbate feelings of discomf… you see where I’m going with this? If there are things in your home that are making you more stressed out, then you need to smooth things out. It may not seem like a priority, but this might be because you’re underestimating how dangerous stress is for your long-term health. The more comfortable your home, the easier it will be to de-stress!


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A good night’s sleep


When it comes to people underestimating the importance of comfort, there’s nothing in the home worth highlighting more than your bed. When people are buying bedding materials – the frame, the mattress, the duvet, the linen, etc. – they usually just buy whatever they see first at a reasonable price. The problem here is that you may be denying yourself some much-needed comfort.


The amount of sleep you get every night, as well as the quality of that sleep, has a tremendous effect on your stress levels. The quality of your mattress will affect this, as well as other aspects of your physical health (your spine and several muscles come to mind!). This is why many invest in more “luxurious” items from suppliers such as Richard Haworth. It’s not just splurging for the sake of it; it’s assuring that you’re as comfortable as possible when your body needs to get some rest. Never underestimate the importance of this.

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The support of your body is another one of the biggest concerns you should have about your family’s comfort at home. A cheap mattress generally doesn’t give your body the support it needs. But it’s not just the mattress you need to consider; all of the chairs in your house need to be considered, especially ones in which you tend to spend a lot of time.


Perhaps you can get away with cheaper dinner table chairs that don’t put comfort at a premium. Most of us won’t spend a lot of time at the dinner table every day. But even then, you need to consider special occasions. Many families might spend hours at the dinner table during the likes of Christmas or Thanksgiving! Perhaps more immediately concerning are any office or desk chairs you use, as well as your sofa. People will spend long amounts of time on these seats, surfing the Internet or watching television. But cheap chairs won’t give your spine and hips the support they need – which can actually weaken them in the long-term.

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