Avoid Disaster At Home Over The Summer

With the kids home all summer and the temperatures outside rising, making the home a comfortable place to be is one of the best things you can do in the summer. But there are many things that can happen at home over summer that would be a disaster if they happened. So here are some of them to look out for, and the ways you can deal with them. You don’t want a small incident at home to ruin your summer!



Damaged Air Conditioning


If you live in a warm climate over summer, then your air conditioning unit will be working overtime to keep you all cool. So if it starts to play up and not work as it should, then you might need the help of a company like One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, for instance. You could have the number of a local air conditioning repair company stuck on the fridge. Then if you need their help quickly, you can call them up before you all melt.

Out of Control Pests


With summer comes BBQs, ice creams and plenty of popsicles out in the yard. If spillages or sauce or drops of ice cream aren’t cleaned up, it can lead to a number of pests wanting to find their way into your backyard. Ants and cockroaches especially love that kind of thing. Other foods left out in the yard or in your kitchen, can lead to an infestation at home too. So be on the lookout for any signs of pests. Then you can deal with them right away.




Water fights and fun with water out in the yard is great fun in summer. But if left to do their own thing, it could lead to some flooding, depending on the age of your children. It is a good idea to keep your kids fully supervised when playing with water, inside or outside. But just imagine the problems that could arise if they are left playing in a bathroom and leave a tap running, for example. So keep a close eye on them. Letting babysitters know to do the same is important too. You’d hate to have a flooded kitchen or bathroom when it could have been avoided.


Clutter and Messy Home


When the kids are home all summer, it can be lots of fun. But it can also mean there is a lot of mess as they play with every single thing that they own. So one good way of dealing with this kind of thing is to assign chores or have a chore chart. If they tidy away their things, they can get a reward, for example. It makes the home cleaner and tidier and gives your kids some ownership and responsibility over the home. It shouldn’t be all down to you, especially when they live there and make plenty of mess themselves. So what is not to love?


Have you got any other disasters around the home that are best avoided, especially over the summer months? Would love to hear what you think!

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