Avoid These Hidden Country Walk Dangers

One of the biggest benefits of dog ownership is all the extra exercise you get walking them. You’re out of the house twice a day getting fresh air and being active. And your pooch loves it because you’re spending all that quality one-on-one time with them. No wonder so many pet lovers like to take their canine companions out into the countryside for a really long leg stretch. The trouble is, the countryside is full of hidden dangers. Some could even kill your four-legged friend.



Some plants that grow naturally all over the place can be poisonous if your dog licks or ingests them. You may not notice any problems for hours, so you might not have any chance of correctly identifying what was eaten. This means you may struggle with your veterinarian to help choose the right medicine to make your pup well again. Some plants can also cut, sting, or work its way into your dog’s body. Don’t let him off the lead if he tends to wander beyond your reach.

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Fleas can live all over grassy areas, waiting for an opportunity to hop aboard your passing dog. It only takes a moment for your poor pup to be bitten and uncomfortable. Then, of course, you’re taking the little pests home where they infest your beds and carpets. Ticks, however, are even worse. If you pull them off your dog, chances are you’ll leave the heads inside your pet. Yuck! Reduce the risk of any of this happening with correct preventative medication like PetLock MAX so that fleas and ticks are repelled.


Wildlife and Other Animals

Snakes can kill, but they are all over the countryside as we walk by. Stay vigilant and keep to the center of the paths. Rats can bite, and larger mammals can be quite aggressive toward nosy dogs too. If you’re working through woodland, it’s best to keep him on the lead. As for farm animals like cows? Never let your dog off the lead. These beasts weigh a ton (literally) and can easily kill your dog. It is also illegal for a dog to be allowed to touch livestock in some places.



While you might be out for a long walk that offers Fido a chance to explore, you have to remember he doesn’t always follow the rules. He’s quicker than you, shorter than you, and knows no boundaries. It’s really easy for him to run off and not come back when you whistle. If you’re worried that he will wander beyond your view, don’t let him off the lead.

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In long grass and among other plants can be hidden holes in the ground. For someone as small as your pooch, this can be disastrous. Some people do this to trap animals. In some cases, the earth has simply subsided due to mining or other activity. Stick to the paths and keep a close eye on where your dog is.


The countryside is vast and wonderful for long walks. But it is still fraught with danger! Stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors.

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