Enjoy The Great Outdoors: Camping Adventures With Your Dog

Summer holiday means more time to do what we love and to enjoy the sunny season in the company you prefer; who better to spend your off-time with than your dog?

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If this is your first time camping with your pet, it’s understandable that you want to do a bit of preparation first. Here are the most trusted advice from other nature-loving dog owners, so that you and your companion can be as comfortable and safe as possible.


The Basics


As it is with anyone you take responsibility for, the essentials come first. We’re not only talking about food and water – although this certainly should be taken care of before you head off. A copy of your pet’s health record, for example, is especially important if she has suffered from any illnesses lately. That way, if you need to make a trip to the vet, all the documents you need will already be prepared.

Make sure they allow pets before you decide where to camp. Figure out where they are allowed and what they expect of you as a dog owner – such as where their waste should be disposed of, and whether they have to be on a leash.


Some dogs have a more sensitive stomach than others and, if yours is one of them, it’s also thoughtful to consider bottled water for your pet while camping. Just keep in mind that most dogs should be fine with regular tap water, and minor stomach problems on a camping trip are no reason for concern.


Remember that poop bags are also considered an essential thing to pack for your dog. You’re out in the green and, hopefully, care deeply for nature; make sure the bags won’t stay behind at the camping site for thousands of years after you by using biodegradable bags. They’re eco-friendly and will make your fellow campers happy, too.


Preventing Pest


There are a lot of small creatures out in the wild that would like to feed of your friend. Make a quick trip to vet if it’s been a while and see to that all the shots are in order, as well as a treatment for heartworm a few days in advance of your trip.


Check the fur thoroughly both before and after the camping trip, keeping in mind that a darker coat needs careful examination to catch the little devils. Flea collars for dogs are a qualified necessity if you want the trip to be as successful and pest free as possible, and remember to always brush through her fur over the entire body after a hike.


Keep the larger animals at bay, too, by storing the food away before you go to bed. Not even old Fido is going to scare a large bear away if it comes sniffing around.


Basic Commands


It’s important to trust your dog when you go camping together. This trust needs to be earned, and the wilderness is no place to find out how unresponsive your pet is when you call her name. If she is a puppy but knows her name perfectly well, you should still make sure that she’s able to walk on a leash without getting stubborn about it.


In case you’re traveling with an older dog, see to that she’s in a good enough shape for your camping trip. This might mean a bit more exercise for you too, and a trip to the veterinarian for some advice.

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