Giving the Outside of Your Home a Cosmetic Overhaul

The outside of your home is something that you personally see very rarely. After all, do you ever stop to take a look at your siding, your roof or even your front yard when you return home from work? Most of us just rush indoors and decide that we need a nice hot shower or a bath to relax, and we pay very little attention to the wear and tear that the exterior of our homes experiences.


However, there might come a day during your holiday or weekend where you notice that the siding is broken, you have loose tiles in your roof that need replacing, or the plants in your front yard have completely died and you’ve only just realised. Take some time off work when you have a chance and buff up the exterior of your home. In fact, why not go a few steps further and actually give it a cosmetic overhaul? Not only will this improve the appearance of your home, it’ll also protect your house from further damage especially if the problems are in places such as your roof. Loose tiles or warped shingles are usually signs of wear and tear on your roof, and they need to be replaced or else you’ll start to experience leaks in your loft.

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Without further ado, here are a couple of ways to give the exterior of your home an overhaul and a redesign. Note that many of these renovations require the use of a contractor unless you have extensive DIY knowledge and some power tools to use. If you want to do them without paying a contractor, then seek advice online or ask a couple of friends to help you out over a weekend or two.


Replacing or repairing your roof


The roof over your head will gradually weaken from wear and tear and you need to do your best to replace it when it starts to show signs of degradation. Some common things to look our for are missing or warped shingles and tiles. This is usually a sign that your roof is wearing due to age or weather. If there are strong winds and rain at your location, then you may want to consider inspecting your roof every couple of months to clear it of debris, moss, and to flush out the gutters of any bits and pieces of trash that could’ve been blown onto your roof. Replacing a couple of tiles is a simple affair as long as you have spares or know where to locate replacements. You might need a bit of help getting up to the roof and you should never attempt to climb a ladder on your own especially if your roof is high up. If there are more than a few tiles that need replacing or if you’ve located cracks, then contact a contractor as soon as possible.


Fixing damaged siding


The siding on your home can wear down due to things like weather, and it’s important to inspect it for things such as moss growth or cracks as a result of the weather. Replacing siding is typically very easy, but you might want to speak with siding contractors if it’s a large job. They’ll easily be able to identify the type of siding you’re using, how much you need to replace and how much money it will cost you. Doing it yourself is possible if it’s just a small patch of cracked or split siding that needs to be replaced, but it’s a project that can easily go bad if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

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Tending to your yard


If you have a front and back yard, then don’t neglect them when it comes to the appearance of your home. You want to ensure that all your plants are well-trimmed and that you remove anything that’s died or dried out. Replace aged plants with something new and colourful, and consider hiring a gardener if your yards are too much for you to take care of. Alternatively, you could cut down on the number of plants you have to make it easier to manage in the long-term. Keep your lawn trimmed by cutting it at least once a week. If you have a lot of grass to cut, then make it easier on yourself by removing any kind of complicated paths or delicate plants that force you to steer your lawnmower around a maze.


Replace broken lighting fixtures


Broken lights are easily noticeable especially if you return home in the evening or when the sun’s gone down. Make sure the lights are fixed and that their motion sensors are still working. The bulbs are usually very standard, but if you have specialised lighting fixtures then you may want to contact the supplier and ask them about replacements. The fixture itself is usually very sturdy, but it might need a bit of cleaning now and then because it can easily accumulate dust and grime.


Holes and cracks in your driveway


If, for some reason, you have a lot of cracks or holes in your driveway, then you’ll want to replace them before they cause an issue with your driving. The simplest way to do this is to just call a contractor to fix up the issue, but if it’s just a small hole that isn’t causing much of an issue then you might be able to fix it yourself. You’ll need to clean up any debris and dirt in your driveway first before you attempt to patch up the holes, but try your best not to use a pressure washer because the moisture can get into the seams and cracks and cause further damage in the future. Simply use a brush and sweep away any debris before filling the hole with the compound. Make sure you spread it evenly so that it fills the hole completely, and use some sealant to repair any further cracks.


Fixing up the outside of your home might seem like a chore, but it’ll make your house appear welcoming and you’ll no longer be embarrassed about how the outside of your home looks.

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