Good Boy! How To Reward Your Well-Behaved Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frise has so many positive attributes. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they also have the most loving and affectionate temperaments of any of the dog breeds. They are all round stars: lap dogs and loyal companions for anybody who can show them a little love and care. But, as with every dog breed, there are always a few areas which could want for improvement. With Bichons, this tends to be trainability. While they are little bundles of joy, they can often prove difficult to train, as they will regularly lose interest in the task at hand, diving into your arms for cuddles instead. The problem? We often give in. But that’s not to say they are impossible to train. The solution to almost any difficulty? Treating them. Here are a few ways to reward your four-legged friend when they show positive interaction with your training.

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Now, walks aren’t as much a treat as a necessity. But it’s needless to say that Bichons love their daily adventure out of the house. So if they are doing particularly well with commands, give them an extra one! They’ll be ecstatic about the extra opportunity to stretch their legs and see some of their pals down the park. If you want to go all out, take them a little further afield than their usual stomping ground. Consider a new park, nature reserve or even a stroll around a reservoir. The new landscape will be full of new sights and smells, keeping them occupied from the start of their walk to the finish. Try encouraging them to sit before you will put their harness on for them. This combines commands with the positive knowledge that they will be taken out in return for their obedience.

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Food Based Treats


If you have a Bichon, you will know how greedy they can be when it comes to food. While it’s important to avoid overfeeding them (they can easily become overweight and find it difficult to shift the bulge once it’s there), a little treat here and there won’t do them any harm. There are so many types of treats out there: dog bones, dental cleaning treats, fresh meat, biscuits and so much more. As time goes by, you’ll become familiar with your pup’s preferences and tastes and can opt for what suits them best.

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We all make mistakes from time to time. So never shout at your dog. You should also never even consider hitting your dog. Some may think that a brisk tap on the nose or rump will prevent them from behaving in an undesirable way again, but it is cruel and likely to lead to further problems. Especially with sensitive breeds like the Bichon Frise. Your relationship with your dog should always be positive. So focus on rewarding them for their good behavior rather than punishing them for their negative behavior. This will prove much more beneficial in the long run and will allow your pooch to trust you and feel comfortable around you. Patience is especially important when it comes to puppies. Remember, they’re like babies. They are learning their way in the world and are bound to make a few mistakes along the way.

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