Help Your Mind To Help You

Your mind is a powerful machine that can support you throughout your day. It is the core of your cognitive abilities, but it does more than that. Knowing how to train your mind in the right way can make you a more relaxed individual, can help you to understand the power of hormones and can even make you a better thinker. If you believe that you couldn’t change your life with the power of your mind, it’s time to think again and to do it for real. You may not be a superhero, but your brain can make you feel like one. It’s time to unleash your brain’s potential.

Positivity by Marta Zappia


Train Yourself To Recognize Stress

Life is stressful; there’s no need denying it. You know, and it’s likely that your brain knows it too. But what you may not know is that you can train your brain to recognize the signs of stress before they destroy you. Knowing when you are going to get stressed out or identifying the stress triggers, is key in preventing stress from damaging you. Indeed, when you know your triggers, you can take control of how you feel and actively wish yourself to walk away from stress. Stress doesn’t have to destroy you if you know its patterns and can avoid falling into the same traps.  

Understand The Importance Of Good And Bad Hormones

Believe it or not, but your feelings are the result of the production of a variety of hormones. While you can’t decide how you are going to feel, because you have no control over the production process, you can manage the triggers that are linked to hormonal fluctuations. Alcohol, for instance, changes brain health significantly, because it blocks the production of a neurotransmitter, glutamate, and increases the production of gamma-aminobutyric which is a relaxing agent. In other words, alcohol forces your brain to become less active and to feel disorientated. To help your brain to feel more active and to react better to its surroundings, you need to find something that safely increases glutamate and balances GABA, such as a low-carb keto diet. Otherwise, you become unable to make decisions and to perform in everyday tasks.   


Start Thinking Faster And Better

Think you are stuck with a bad memory? You can train yourself out of it! You can work your memory by training yourself to remember more events or things that you want to discuss with others. You can also train your brain to develop new wires and patterns by doing something new repeatedly. Learning new skills is not a matter of talent, but it’s a matter of creating new neural pathways. In the long term, you can help your brain to think faster, better and more efficiently.


Become The Most Positive Person You Know

You are not responsible for your happiness, but you can influence your brain into thinking positively. Indeed, negativity is the result of the production of unhappy hormones, such as cortisol which is set on a survival path and notifies your brain of any obstacle. Keeping your brain stuck on this negative pattern means that you only notice problems and don’t look out for rewards. The best way out of it is to train yourself to spend some time during the day looking out for positives. Gradually, your brain will readjust to see the absence of threats and obstacles in certain paths of your life.

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