Helping Your Child Get To Sleep When It Is Hot

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Any parent will know how hard it can be to put a small child to bed even when the conditions are absolutely perfect. So trying to put a small child, or a baby, to sleep when the summer sun is at its best can be a seriously testing time. Not just that, but quite a worrisome time too.


That is why we have come up with some top tips on how you can your precious bundles of (agitated) joy cool in the remaining summer months.

Room Thermometer

The best way to make an informed decision is to have a thermometer so that you know exactly what you are dealing with. Yes, it is hot, but by knowing exactly how hot you won’t be guessing so much and you’ll be able to dress your baby accordingly with peace of mind.


Dress Them Appropriately

This is one of those things can be so hard to get right with small children, especially if this is your first summer as a parent. Just go with your gut, though. If the room is super hot, then just a nappy and a thin cotton vest will be fine. If it is warm, try using a shortie baby grow. Remember, as a general rule of thumb, babies and small children require one more layer than you, but just go with your gut.


Refreshing Bath

There is nothing like a nice refreshing bath before bed when the temperatures are soaring. What this tends to do is reduce the clamminess on your little one and help their skin breath a little better. Just make sure it is a quick bath if you are going down this route because you don’t want them to get cold.


Awesome Air Conditioning

This is one of those solutions that a lot of parents are worried about for a couple of reasons. The first is cost. That is why Ken Starr of Home Comfort USA says is worth having your air con unit properly maintained to make it more energy efficient. The second reason is the temperature will drop during the night, which is why we recommend you have a timer plug so that it automatically turns off once your baby is asleep.


Best Bedding

When the weather is as hot as it is, the bedding you choose is so important. As a rule of thumb, you should only use cotton bed sheets as these will allow your baby’s skin to breath better. You must also not use waterproof mattress covering because these are known to hold in the heat and that can make your little one even hotter.


Keep Calm

If your baby is frustrated then they are going to be warmer because their body will be working overtime. That is why you should try and do all you can to keep your baby calm and cool. It could be that you use an extra calming bedtime routine during this weather, or just get a damp flannel to dab gently on their pulse points. Calming them could be the secret to cooling them.

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