How To Throw The Perfect Children’s Party

Children’s birthdays today are a lot a more extravagant than they need to be. The days of just hiring a bouncy castle are gone. Although still incredibly popular you may feel fierce competition from other parents.


You wonder how these parents can afford not only these big venues but also provide gift bags, foods, and entertainment. Before you know it you’ve spent a small fortune which was unnecessary, your children are your world and you want the best for them!

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Start with having a theme, it’s a great way to begin tackling the list. Having a theme will help decide what needs to be bought and how to center the party around the idea. There are so many great ideas out there, narrow down your favorite and of course, involve your child. There is nothing worse than deciding what to do, for your child to then change its mind when everything is brought host a range of themes and ideas. Traditional themes are always popular if you’re  struggling, anything from a garden party to a pirate takeover. Children have favorite films or TV shows, try and take inspiration from that particular source.

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Once the theme is determined and mapped out, it’s time to hunt down for the party supplies. Start early it allows you to see what is actually out there alongside price comparing. Starting early gets everything together stopping yourself from dashing out last minute and having to fork over money on an overpriced item you forgot.


It can be done, but you must prioritize and save the pennies at the same time. Start by getting into positive little habits that start to save money before the party. give great tips on putting little bits of money away each month to help out with extra supplies or last minute bits.


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Party food is important you want to keep children happy, full and fed to enjoy the day. Depending on the time of day you choose to hold the party it’s up to with how much you choose to put out. Whilst all parties need cake and cupcakes to be the ultimate finishing touches, be sure to provide some form of healthy foods. not all children want to nibble on pizza and cake, also some parents will probably not be happy to have their children returned full up on sugar.

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Keep it simple with finger foods such as carrot sticks and celery, it allows them to pick and to nibble on.The food you need to organize will depend on the time of day you hold the party. Although every party needs some level of party food!


If you feel it’s the only option and you’ve been through a hard time then give great rates and don’t rip people off. They have advice and a sensible way of paying back without hidden expenses and APR. It’s a great way to tide you over until the next pay day where it will be easy to pay off.


If you do choose to do everything yourself, make sure you have lots planned to keep the children entertained. Children have short attention spans especially when there’s so much going on. Having a list of various party games of traditional and something a bit different that ties in with the theme keep them happy.


The ages of the children some games are a no, no, but musical chairs is a staple of everyone’s childhood. It is also one that gains their attention focused for a long time.  Pass the parcel again is an exciting state of focus for them, the parcels also can tie in with the theme of the party. For example, if it’s pirate themed the prizes inside can be eye patches, tiny pieces of gold coins, possibilities are endless.Be sure to have plans to entertain the children who have been eliminated from the game, so no one feels left out. This also stops a riot of tears and tantrums from ruining the party for everyone.


If the idea of having loads of children running around your house spilling fizzy and dropping cake fills you with dread. Then maybe venue seeking is the next best option for you. Venues may end up being time effective for you, as a lot of the venues do the work of organizing. All you need to do is provide a cake and send out invitations.


Invitations can either be done the modern way, through an email sent to parents to print. If you’re feeling up to it get creative using art supplies is a great way for you and your child to have fun making your own.If you do choose a pirate theme than the most popular and traditional are making the invitation look like a treasure map. Burn the edges making it look old, then pop a piece of normal paper with the information on top!

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Lastly remember it’s just a party, enjoy yourself knowing you did your best throwing a party your child wanted. Keep in mind to not focus on the materialistic side to parties, you want your child to have good morals in the future. If all they think birthdays equate to is tons of parents and over the top parties you’re setting yourself up for issues in the future. find more meaningful ways to make the day shine for them. Start a tradition by making their favorite breakfast every year, These are things they will remember more than the gifts they’ll forget about next year.


The moment you put pressure on yourself and start comparing to other parents you’ve already started to lose control. Get your child involved as much as possible to ensure a happy day all around.

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