How Your Home Can Save You Money

If it’s a particularly cold winter’s evening, it seems like second nature to turn up the heating to ensure you don’t get frostbite and risk losing your toes. On the other hand, if it’s a roasting hot summer’s day, you think nothing of whacking up the air con to cool your living room and make the air more breathable. But energy bills are on the increase. Rates for gas and electricity have seen above inflation rate rises, meaning that you have to pay more to cook your meals, heat your living room and light up your bedroom. Something’s got to give. You want to feel warm, secure and happy in your home without paying extortionate amounts for the privilege. So what can we do to save money on our energy bills? There are simple ways to counteract the ever increasing cost of running your home. Take a look at these simple strategies to see your home save you money.

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Get Smart


There is range of technological advances that can make the running of your home seem positively futuristic. The new smart thermostats are one such example. These aren’t the basic first generation of smart thermostats that merely turned your smartphone into a remote control allowing you to turn up your heating from the comfort of your favorite arm chair. This is Star Trek sized futuristic technology we are talking about. Now, thermostats are so intelligent that they can work out how many people are in a particular room of your home at any one time. The thermostat then relays that to a central base and applies the optimum temperature level accordingly.

Many thermostats now allow you complete control whether you are inside you home or on your way home from work. If you are cycling back from work in the freezing rain and your teeth are chattering as you try to see through the downpour, you don’t have to wait until you set foot inside your home before you turn up the heating. You can set the temperature from your smartphone ten minutes before you get home so you can arrive at a toasty warm house.


You never know, you may strike it lucky and find out that your energy provider is running a green scheme to improve their eco-credentials. Investigate and see if you can receive a free smart thermostat or at least a hefty contribution towards it.




Badly fitted or old windows can see the heat from your home draining away. You need a solution where the heat will remain in your home if it’s cold and, at the same time, you need your windows to reflect the sun’s rays on a scorching hot day keeping it cool. By utilizing a home window tinting service, you will be able to control the heat within your home more efficiently. Residential window film will be applied to each of your windows meaning that the heat from sunlight that would otherwise cause your home to mimic a greenhouse, would be rejected leaving you with a much more comfortable climate within your four walls.


There is an added benefit of window tinting that means harmful UV rays are blocked from entering your home. This is a bonus when considering, not just the health benefits, but also the fading that sunlight can inflict upon artwork, pictures or paint on walls.

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The next time you flick the switch to find that one of your lightbulbs has blown, don’t simply purchase your usual replacement. Opt for an energy efficient LED lightbulb. They are more expensive to buy initially, but they more than pay for themselves throughout their lifetime. LED lightbulbs are the marathon runners of the lighting world and keep going for what seems like an eternity.


They use 75% less energy than a regular bulb and last twenty-five times longer than the standard bulb that you usually pick up from the hardware store. It doesn’t take Einstein to realize that these numbers stack up and that you can save a considerable amount of money on lighting if you swap all of the regular lightbulbs in your house to the energy efficient LED equivalents.


Don’t Forget The Little Things


If your dad always told you to switch things off at the plug because of the money that appliances being on standby wastes, he wasn’t wrong. It may only mount up to pennies that you are saving each year, but with many little strategies like this for saving money on your energy bills, this soon stacks up.


Your washing machine is an energy guzzler. By using the sixty-degree wash sparingly and opting for a thirty-degree wash instead of the standard forty degree wash, you will be saving a vast amount of money each year while still having perfectly clean clothes.


Water can eat into your hard-earned money through wastage that you didn’t even know was occurring. Dripping taps are the bane of many people’s lives for their incessant rhythmic noise. Not only is this one of the most irritating things known to man but it is also quite literally seeing your money drip away. One shocking theory is that a year of enduring a dripping tap could waste enough water to fill up to seventy baths a year. And if you are geeky enough only to boil the exact amount of water that you need for your daily fix of tea and coffee you could save nearly $20 a year.  Mind. Blown.

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The saying goes that your home is your castle. Now is the time to make your home your energy efficient castle. Our daily lives are taken up with enough stresses and pressures from work without having to worry about the expense of energy bills. With a little ingenuity and some clever research, and by applying some green money saving strategies, you can enjoy a warm home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer without breaking the bank.

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