Make Your Home Unique For A Truly Special Place To Live



Owning a home is an exercise in good taste, especially when you first move in. Gone are the days of house sharing and your own flat, now you have a house to build your family in step by step. It’s an important and vital step to create the beautiful family unit you have always dreamt of having. Sometimes though, it’s important to do things a little differently, and this can extend to the home decors you have in your home. Personalities are intrinsically different, but family’s usually bond and share a common familial personality – it’s what keeps the family tight-knit.


Why keep your home looking like any other home? You’ve probably seen a thousand ‘live, laugh, love’ decorations in your friend’s homes. While the message is sound, the decoration is so ubiquitous that it might as well lose all of its meaning. For you, the intelligent and homely person, you likely want to implement your own, personal and unique taste to the walls and floors of your family unit.

This will help your home truly stand out, and become a place that you seriously cannot wait to return to at the end of the hard working day. Here are a few ideas to make your home unique, memorable and ready to be showered with compliments by your friends.


Unique Lighting


Lighting sets the home ambiance to a degree that is almost staggering. Your house is only as attractive as it is lit. The most beautifully designed house in the world, lit with blinding bright light that removes all shadows will only look clinical in its final estimation. Implementing beautiful lighting will allow you to accentuate the strengths of your room and downplay the negatives, such as awkward wall angles or odd natural lighting.


Consider implementing unique lighting by playing with the lighting implement itself. How subtle or apparent would you like the fixture or lamp? How intense would you like the light to be? Will it fit with the general theme of the room? This last point is important. A heavily rustic cottage kitchen space featuring old wood and bare brick will probably not fit a clean minimalist lighting fixture as well as a gorgeous retro line ceiling lamps. Play with your design, and adjust accordingly.


Unique Furniture


Get creative with your furniture. Use reclaimed wood that has historical context. A large, relatively unobstructed piece of a tree trunk can serve as a create conversation piece for a table. Seeing the age of the tree in the rings in front of you gives you a deep sense of history, for if the tree’s cutting is large enough to serve as a table, it’s likely hundreds of years old, maybe even dating to when the American Constitution was written itself. You probably never thought furniture could be so exciting.


Unique Floral Displays


Why not embed a floral wall display in an area it would be hygienic to have it, such as the living room or hallway as opposed to the kitchen area. You might be thinking this is a picture of flowers, but you’d be wrong. Floral wall displays exist in the form of vertical gardens. Tightly embedded soil allows the greenery to grow from the wall and as long as you keep it well maintained, can inject some well needed (literal) life into your decors.


Implement these tips, and you’re likely to have the unique, gorgeous house on the block.

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