Making A New Puppy Comfortable And Healthy While Adjusting To Your Home

When you bring a new bundle of joy home, in the form of a young, lively, excitable pooch, there are a few things you need to do for a safe transition into family life. You should try and treat, the arrival of a new puppy, the same way you would treat a newborn baby coming home. They are very similar in the fact that they need round the clock care, attention and love. The home itself must be made safe so they can’t get up to any mischief that would end up hurting them. They’re also, small, fragile and weak, so their health care must kept the number one priority while they adjust to normal life. You must be ready to provide even the smallest of things for your puppy because they solely depend on your for their every need. Building trust and reliability are crucial at this stage because, just like human beings, a dog’s childhood is where their outlook on life is first formed. Having a loving home, being safe and trusting your owner, is what every dog in the world wants.

Credit – Hailey R. Staker

Health protection


If you plan the day correctly, you can take your dog straight from pickup, to a veterinary clinic to have a full check up, and sign up to a program for annual health maintenance. First and foremost, because the little pooch’s immune system is a little weak, take the extra precaution and get the relevant puppy vaccinations. Canine vaccinations will protect your puppy from some common illnesses such as the distemper virus, infectious canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and the kennel cough, also known as canine parainfluenza. When your puppy interacts with other dogs, it may catch any of these illnesses so; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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A little private space


When the pup comes home, it will be reluctant to explore at first because the intense new smells it’s experiencing are completely alien to the mind. Your puppy won’t know if the smells are coming from something safe, or potential danger. One way to get your new dog comfortable in the home is to create its own little space which it can treat as a haven. There’s nothing better for puppies to have their own bed, so look to buy a bed that is soft, a decent size, not too deep, and provides lots of warmth. The best material for this may be cotton, or perhaps preferably, a thin layer of sheep’s wool, with cotton for padding.


Puppy proofing

Puppies, just like children are full of energy and always want to explore their surroundings. However, sometimes curiosity can get the better of them, and this could lead to trouble. Little items and objects on the floor, which are easily accessible to the puppy, should be removed. Dogs familiarize themselves with objects by licking, biting and holding in their mouths. Puppies may swallow something they shouldn’t during this process. Tuck power cords out of the way so it can’t chew on them and get an electric shock. Dogs are scent-oriented and will gravitate to anything that smells like you, so don’t leave your wallet on the floor, where the puppy can come and find pennies.

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