Perfect Gifts For Preteens

Buying gifts for younger kids is always fairly easy. They’ll tend to latch on to whatever toys their friends are getting and you’re always safe with a beautiful ballerina doll or a cool action figure. However, once they start getting a bit older, things get a bit more tricky. By the time they’re teenagers, you’ve got pretty much no chance of getting the right gift. Whatever you buy won’t be cool enough for them, but during their preteen years, you still stand a chance of getting it right. If you’re struggling to pick out the right gifts for your kids, here’s a few brilliant ideas.


Gift Cards



Gift cards aren’t the most thoughtful present that you can get for your kids, but it’s a safe bet. When you absolutely can’t think of anything suitable to get them, you can use it as a last resort. Getting them a gift card means that they’ll be able to choose their own present so you know that they won’t be disappointed.

A Calendar

A calendar is a good choice for a gift because it can suit any tastes. You can find one with their favorite pop star on it, or maybe one of their favorite new films. It’s only a small gift but if you focus on throwing them a great party, they won’t mind.


New Phone



Kids spend most of their time glued to their phones these days and they all want the latest model as soon as it comes out. There’s no way they’re ever going to be able to afford their own unless you’re giving them a crazy amount of allowance. They’re sure to be pleased if you get them the latest iPhone but you have to be careful about setting a precedent. Make sure that they know you won’t be getting them a brand new phone every single year otherwise those birthdays could end up being expensive.


Games Consoles


Games consoles have always been a safe choice for boys, but these days they’re being marketed towards girls more often. Since video games have become more mainstream, everybody is playing them. When you’re picking one out, maybe ask the other parents which ones their kids have, that way you can make sure you get the same one so the kids can play with their friends.


Board Games



Board games used to be something that kids reluctantly agreed to play with their parents but they’re actually becoming cool again. There are loads of great new games out that the kids are sure to love and it gives them regular breaks from watching screens all day.


Robot Toys


For kids that have an interest in science, there’s nothing better than some cool robot toys. When they first starting bringing them out twenty years ago, they were clunky remote control boxes with a few flashing lights that were never anything like the adverts. But these days, the technology has come a long way and now you can get a decent working robot to play with. You can even get build your own robot kits for kids that love to build things.

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