Picking The Perfect Property To Suit Your Lifestyle

It’s taken a while, but you’re finally ready to make that all important down payment towards a house. You’ve been saving like crazy forfeiting meals out, trips to the theater and your annual summer vacation in order see that savings pot grow. You’ve put in overtime at the office and worked harder than you’ve ever worked in your life to secure that annual bonus. These past few years have been a hard slog, but you’re now ready to reap the rewards of your frugality and purchase your first home. The lender has approved your home loan, you have made contact with at least half a dozen real estate agents, and you have acquired the services of a recommended lawyer.


Now it’s time for the tricky part. You need to decide where you want to put down roots. You may know vaguely where you will be based but does this mean the countryside, suburbs or the city? A particularly resourceful blogger has tried to sum up the pros and cons of city and countryside living at https://canvanizer.com/canvas/O4s4naQspG0. While you may not agree with all of the opinions, this is a great starting point when trying to work out where you want to be based. You’ll also need to think about what type of property suits your lifestyle. There are so many options available to you, that it can be tricky to work out exactly which style of property best fulfills your requirements. Take a look at the following four styles of properties available in the US. These are only a minutiae of the property types out there, but go some way to demonstrate the variety of home options that you could consider.

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  1. Penthouse Apartment Overlooking The City


If you are a family of four with a garage full of bikes, a vehicle or two and sacks full of toys, you may find a penthouse apartment is a non-starter. However, if you are single and looking to purchase a property on your own or with a partner, sophisticated city living could be for you. Penthouse apartments ooze luxury with incredible open plan square footage and stunning city vistas. Based at the top of any apartment building, the penthouse apartment is traditionally seen as the cream of the crop.

A penthouse apartment will be finished to a high specification so if a low maintenance property is high on your list of priorities, then this could be a home to consider. If you are a gym bunny or enjoy a leisurely swim every morning before breakfast, check out the free facilities that come with your property purchase. Gyms, swimming pools, and sauna are often based underground along with the secure garages for residents vehicles. A twenty-four-hour concierge service will often be a facet of penthouse apartment living meaning your complex will be secure and safe at all times. If you are keen on mingling with your neighbors while experiencing true city living, a penthouse apartment could be the property that you have been searching for.

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For those individuals that find the confines of the city induce severe claustrophobic episodes, you could venture to the opposite extreme and explore the option of a ranch. You no longer need to have a rodeo style riding pedigree in order to be a bonafide ranch owner; all you need is a hefty deposit and enough money to purchase the property. The wild west notion of a ranch provokes thoughts of cattle rustling and lassoing unruly steeds on the land. The modern version of the ranch style home is rather different.


The ranch style homes available across the US vary in their features. You may find a ranch style home with an exposed eaves, a sunken living room, and large windows. Usually single story, these homes are spacious and let in huge amounts of natural light. The California ranch house, although not as popular as it once was, saw a popularity boom in the 1950s with 90% of all new homes having ranch style features. They are now seeing a re-emergence in popularity with the large plots that they sit on being seen as a big plus in a sea of properties each with much smaller square footage.


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American Colonial


The gothic style of the American colonial style house is like cilantro. You either love it or hate it. Some look like they have taken inspiration from the home of the Addams family whereas others a little more conservative. For those that love this style of house, they enjoy the unique wooden facades and historical significance of their buildings. Often dating from the 1700s, these houses were influenced by the first settlers from Europe. The French, Dutch, German and Spanish each brought their own style to these houses. The fact that they have survived until today shows just how structurally sound they are.


Many different people enjoy this style of property including families, retired couples, and young first-time purchasers. With the opportunity to buy a fixer-upper to renovate then, many first time buyers see the colonial home as an ideal property to make their own. When purchasing a property for the first time, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a guide like http://www.propertyguru.com.my/resources/buy-property-guide/the-complete-guide-to-purchasing-a-new-development-property. This way, you will ensure that you avoid the common pitfalls that other home buyers may fall into. The more research you do before parting with your cash, the greater the chance of home buying success.

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Log Cabin


If seclusion and getting close to nature is the aim of your property purchase, you can’t do better than a log cabin at the foot of the mountains or in the middle of a forest or park. Not the most popular of homes seen on the market and lacking the luxury of the penthouse apartment, log cabins were built by the first settlers across the United States. The first frontiersmen built the cabins out of the materials available to them. Wood was plentiful from the vast swathes of trees in the environment. If you are a fan of your home being eco-friendly, check out http://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/eco-friendly-homes to inspire your property search. Eco-building is far from a new phenomenon with the early settlers first taking up the helm of green living.


Log cabins are now seen as ideal kooky and quirky second homes; maybe a retreat from the stresses and pressures of everyday modern life. However if you want to return to a retreat every evening from work, kick off your shoes and watch a bit of TV while surveying the landscape at the foot of the mountains, a log cabin could be a feasible option.


Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and we have only explored the tip of the iceberg. The property market is booming, and while there are always peaks and troughs in any market, you will never find a more secure and stable investment in the long term. Try and enjoy your venture into the world of property and explore all of your options. Your humble abode will be an expression of your personality and should fit your lifestyle.Consider your options carefully before taking the plunge. You will soon be the proud new owner of your first home, picking up your keys and putting down those all important roots.

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