Small Kitchen Cooking: Making The Most of Your Space

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When you hardly have room for an oven, it can be hard to find that enthused chef within yourself. There’s no space to dream about new and innovative appliances, baking seems like an impossible thought, and a few dirty dishes make the whole room look catastrophic. It’s not fair, but it’s reality – and you still need to eat, right?


Think outside of your small kitchen for a second and make the impossible happen; with these genius tips for fellow owners of tiny kitchens, it doesn’t stop with cooking comfortably – you can even look forward to baking those cupcakes with your children.


Quick clean-up tips


After sitting for a couple of minutes to digest a terrific meal, you can feel the dishes staring at you. It doesn’t matter that you’re tired and would just like to be left in peace for fifteen minutes more; the kitchen is cramped, and the dishes are staring you down, each dirty plate at a time. You’ve heard it before – cleaning as you go will make it a lot easier to be you after dinner.

It’s easier said than done though, but if you’ve stumbled over yourself a couple of times in the kitchen already, you know your way around.


So many tired parents have left the kitchen in an awful mess, simply because they haven’t adopted the habit of cleaning while they cook. First, keep a paper towel or a plate next to your chopping board. Each potato peeled or root removed can be dropped straight into the bowl, rather than hoarding up at the side of your chopping board. When it’s full, you empty it in the bin and continue chopping. Have the same mindset about spillages on the floor and clean it up the moment you see it; here is a great vacuum for tile floors you can look forward to.


If you finish all the chopping before you start to cook, you have time to clean as you go. It’s a whole other story when you’ve already begun to fry the onion but still need to peel and chop the carrot; needless to say, the cooking will be stressed, and your kitchen will be messy.


Remember to clean and rinse your knives and equipment as well, rather than grabbing a new set that will just give you more stuff to clean up.


Reuse space


You can make your kitchen bigger by using every single corner and empty space you’re blessed enough to have. You might have to make a few purchases, though, or be creative and customise it yourself. The back of every cupboard door can be used to store kitchen utensils; you can give yourself a bit of extra chopping space with a simple trolley, and even make use of the space above the sink with this handy board.


If you don’t have too much surface space, consider building your kitchen upwards. If you enjoy planning out handy solutions, you should spend some time on thinking out the best layout for your kitchen. Everyone is different, and a perfect solution to some might not work as well for your cooking needs.

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