Sum Up Most Old Home Issues In 3 Questions

Old homes are quirky and charming; there is no denying it. They occupy a special place in the popular imagination: Indeed, nobody can picture the perfect happy family without an aged property that has seen many generations. You might even want to call it the family home. But as much as you might love the idea of living in an old property, you need to aware of the financial risks they represent. Buying an old house is a heavy investment for which you need to be ready. Indeed, homeowners are not always willing to give up distressful details about the house they sell. But you can get to know what you need with simple and honest questions.

Sagging roof line


When was this last changed?

Any house, whether old or new, requires regular maintenance. In addition, there is also some essential improvement work that needs to be regularly planned. For instance, the roof needs to be changed every 20 to 30 years, depending on the kind of material used, and the windows have a maximum lifetime of 15 to 20 years. You can ask when these elements have been changed when you visit the house. If the homeowner doesn’t know, in most case looking at the state of these elements can answer the question, do you need a new roof or new windows when you move in. An ageing roof will show missing or broken roof tiles. Additionally, you can look at the ceilings and the walls directly underneath the roof to find out if the house has a leak issue. Windows are easier to evaluate: Look at the condition of the sealant around the frame to date the last repair.

Does it look old and dull?

Visiting someone else’s home is a difficult experience, especially if the property is partially empty, as this is the case when homeowners are already moving out. The place might look old and dull, just like an empty box. Don’t let this influence your judgement: In most cases, you can improve the home décor for less than $200 if you’re creative. Painting the exterior walls will give a breath of freshness to the property, and it’s a guarantee of an increased curb appeal. Additionally, you can begin with planting some flowers in the garden. It might sound like a quick fix, but it makes a real difference, especially when the front garden has been left to grow freely – which can happen when nobody looks after it.

Overgrown garden


Is it still safe?

There’s one thing that you can’t ignore about old houses: They have an old structure. Old structures can be very safe, but if they have not been looked after properly, or if the house is not built on stable ground, it is possible that the property has developed structural issues. This question is one that you can answer for yourself during the inspection. Start by examining the house from a distance so that you can notice any abnormal leaning movement or cracks in the walls. You should also pay close attention the profile of the roof, especially to any noticeable sagging which is an indication of internal damage.

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