The 5 Best Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

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If you’ve got a relative or friend that’s obsessed with dogs, you’re probably keen to get them a dog themed gift when it’s their birthday. So, here are the best gift ideas for dog lovers all over the world. Look through them all, and you’re bound to find something that suits the person you’re buying for:

Dog Necklace

Believe it or not but you can actually buy necklaces with dog pendants. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but they do exist. In fact, if you look here you can see an example of a cute little dog charm that goes on a necklace. Jewelry will always go down a treat with most of your female friends/relatives so this gift idea could be an absolute winner.

Pet Pillow

Everyone loves to have a special pillow on their bed. So, why don’t you get your friend a customized pet pillow? You can buy a pillow in the shape of a dog with their actual dog printed on it. It will be an amazingly personal gift that they’ll love and enjoy. Plus, it will be hilarious looking at their dog trying to figure out what’s going on when they see someone just like them!

Dog T-Shirts

Clothes are always a good gift idea in general. But, when you combine them with dogs, you’ll get the perfect gift for a dog lover. As you can see here, there are loads of great dog-related t-shirts you can buy for someone you care about. They can be funny, cute, or more serious. Now, your dog-loving friend can wear their shirt with pride everywhere they go.

Personalized Portrait

One of my favorite gift ideas is to get your dog-lover a personalized portrait of their pet. If you’re artistically gifted, then you can do this yourself for free, which is a bonus! If not, try and find an artist willing to do the job for you. Bring them a picture of the dog, and they’ll do the rest. The end product will be amazing as they create a beautiful portrait that your friend can hang in their room or set beside their bedroom table. If you want, you could even find a picture of your friend/relative and their dog and have that painted too.

Dog Jigsaw

Finally, we have an idea that I think is super fun and will go down a treat. It’s similar to the previous idea in that you need a picture of your dog loving friend and their dog. The difference is you’re turning it into a jigsaw instead of a portrait. There are loads of places you can do this online, so find somewhere you can trust. Then, you give them the gift, and they can enjoy putting together a jigsaw puzzle of themselves and their dog!


All of these ideas are great if you want to get someone a dog-themed gift. They’ll be over the moon and love you for all the thought you put into their present.

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