The Moving Jobs Kids Will Love

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Out of sight, out of mind – this is the way that the majority of parents moving home to tend to think when it comes to their kids. By distracting them or placing them with family or friends when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it all, they are essentially out of your hair until it’s time to go and pick them up again. But for the parents who are pawning children that are over the age of being a toddler, there’s quite a lot that you can get them to do which will be able to help you during your move rather than hinder. And for the most part, they will find the tasks that you are setting them fun – after all, our perception on enjoyment changes over time, and we base what they will want to do on what we probably want to do with our time now. So what are the jobs that the little people can do?



Bubble wrap is fun for any age, and if you have got tape and newspaper ready then the wrapping process is relatively simple. If there is an adult present to make sure that none of the delicates get smashed, there is potential for a good little team to be made up in order to get the job done. Instead of taking you a couple of hours to complete, the more hands working on it, the quicker it will happen.


Moving Boxes


Small boxes or light objects are things that children can carry easily. The bigger things you will need to do yourself, or hire a moving company to do the job for you, but other stuff is fair game for kids. Miscellaneous objects such as pillows, cushions and teddies are also items that can be transported easily, making lighter work for you in the long run. Usually they’re only too happy to be a part of it all and treated like an adult.




There’s nothing that kids like better than bossing people about – especially when those that they are directing are adults. Getting them to spot where the best place in the moving van or car to put objects is like a dream job for them. Not only are they roleplaying and using their imagination in order to do it, but it’s also a game that everybody can get involved in. It keeps spirits high and actually makes quite a mundane task quite fun.




As soon as all of the boxes are moved over, let them put their room how they want it to look. There’s a certain amount of personality that can come over during this, which every child craves; the chance to put their own stamp on things. If it doesn’t go the way that you want it to, you can always work together on it later. But while you’re trying to get the rest of the house in order, this is the perfect distraction – and can be an extremely exciting time for them, too.

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