The Secrets Your Toilet Reveals to Your Houseguests

Have you ever wondered what kind of secrets your toilet is letting out to your guests? It might not be the first thing on your mind, but whenever your houseguests use your toilet they’re actually getting a bit of insight into your habits. Everything from how much toilet paper you have spare to what the toilet smells like or even the look and feel of it will contribute to their opinion of you.


Unless you want to be known as “that person” in the neighbourhood that has fantastic cooking and entertainment but a terrible toilet, here are a couple of improvements that will upgrade your bathroom to feel more like a spa than a nasty toilet room.

Source: Pixabay

Your wonky toilet seat


If you move around a lot when you sit on your toilet seat then chances are you’ve probably loosened it enough that it has some wobble to it. You could try and secure the seat tightly to the base of your toilet, but if the nuts have been loosened enough they’re probably caked with dirt and grime and need a serious upgrade. Replacing your toilet seat with a simple one is fine, but if you really want to let your guests know that you care about your bathroom and modernising your toilet, then get yourself a bidet toilet seat. This site has some of the best bidet toilet seats you can get for your money with reviews and ratings of the most popular models. Bidets are toilet seats that have functions which let you squirt water up the bowl to help you clean your intimate parts. It’s luxurious, it’s modern and adds some style to your otherwise boring bathroom.


The nasty smells coming from it


Let’s face it, toilet bowls can get nasty if you don’t disinfect and clean them after a while. That water you’re flushing down isn’t enough, and you’re going to need something strong to clean it up. Those fresheners that you hang on the side of the bowl can look rather tacky and it’s usually a sign of a lazy home owner. If you really want to impress your houseguests, then give your toilet a manual clean every week. You can avoid using the toilet brush if you don’t want to keep it around, all you need is some cleaning products that can be squirting on the underside of the rim around the bowl. Let it sit for a couple of minutes then flush. The initial flush will probably leave some product residue, so do it a few times to ensure it’s all gone. This will get rid of the nasty smells coming from your toilet and also give it a good clean.


Flushing strength is important


If your toilet’s suffering from low flushing pressure, then you may want to consider contacting a plumber to help you get those issues sorted. Low flushing pressure means that your waste will take several flushes to even clear, and it could leave some nasty smells and residue in your toilet bowl that ultimately fester into worse things. Make sure you’re not neglecting the pressure of your flush. If you ever have to flush multiple times to clear it up, then get on the phone to a plumber as soon as you can.

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