The Urban Home: How To Bring The City Into Your Living Room

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Does your home lack originality? If you look around, would you find the same styles as in your neighbor’s’ homes? Nowadays, the answer is yes as everyone copies from the same exam sheet. Because suppliers are obsessed with churning out whatever is ‘hot’ at the moment, the choice is also pretty shocking. For most homeowners, conforming to the status quo just won’t do, which is why you are looking for a different style. And, you have found one in the urban approach. If you don’t know how to get the outside, inside, there’s no reason to fret because help is at hand.


Opt For The Rugged Look


Houses are homes, so everything is catered for and polished off with the ultimate finish. That means the radiators are painted to match the color scheme and the pipe work is boxed off and covered. Sure, this can be fun if you are living in suburbia, but you want a city feel, and polished isn’t going to work. Instead, you need a rugged and raw feel that you get in New York City loft apartments. For example, the piping should be left alone and painted with a metallic finish to give it an industrial feel. The key is to keep everything as natural as possible.

Add Lots Of Artwork


When you think urban, a contemporary and hipster feel springs to mind. Even if the fashion is pretty old, the fact that it is back in fashion makes it seem modern. So, the key is to add a contemporary feel throughout the room, which is where artwork comes into play. Why? It’s because nothing is as alternate as paintings and drawings. Their essence is the fact that they are objective and can have a multitude of meanings. Some don’t even have a purpose, which is their goal. Remember that the less definitive the better as it makes the imagination work overtime and adds to the style.

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Try Different Furniture


Almost every property has the same items, from a sofa, an armchair and a coffee table. There is nothing wrong with these per se, yet they are not original and unnecessary to boot. Yes, you need a place to sit and relax, but bean bag chairs share the same function. However, a bean bag chair is nowhere near as popular, at least not as a main fixture in a living room. If the traditional pieces are important to you, try and mix and match the styles. If you have a normal sofa, opt for an abstract armchair to give the room contrast and originality.


Add Elements Of Nature


When someone says you should bring the city into your home, go on and take it literally. Of course, the bad things need to stay put, yet the good features can have a place in your home. Take plants as an example. Lots of homes have plants, but they are generic and have zero sentimental value. To be different, you can infuse your living room with the flowers that make you think of a city, such as Amsterdam and tulips.


The same goes for materials as well as water fountains.

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