Transform Your Body In Under A Month



Whether you want to slim down your body so you look amazing in a bikini this summer, or you have a wedding coming up and need to fit into that dress, or maybe you just think it’s time you pulled yourself together and got your body back to what it used to be. – Well, whatever the reason, getting fit and staying healthy is essential to maintain a good lifestyle, and keep those extra pounds off.

Here are the best ways to do just that.


Change your diet

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, the first place to start should be with what you eat. Let’s start with the obvious – you must eat plenty of fruit and veg to ensure you are getting all the right vitamins and minerals in your body. They also include important antioxidants that protect your body from damage – learn more about them on

One great way to eat well and even lose weight if need be, is to split your meals into three different sections: a third of veg, a third of meat or fish, and a third of carbohydrates. – This is one of the simplest ways to change your diet because it’s not hard to remember. There is nothing to technical like other diets – all you need to do is make sure that you have the right ingredients and you’re good to go.


Start exercising

Working out is a brilliant way to keep your body under control and feel confident enough to flaunt it. There are many different workouts that you can do to fit your daily life to a T. You can look on Top Workout Programs for plenty more information about the best workouts and tips along the way. If you’re an on the go Mom, then you may find it a little trickier to get a spare hour in the day, but even thirty minutes goes a long way. – Yoga is a great form of exercise if you lead a busy life because not only does it tone up your body all over, but it focuses on calming your mind, body and soul. This is why it’s a great reliever of stress, and allows you to clear your head entirely.


Stay hydrated

Everyone should know by now the importance of staying hydrated – this means plenty of water every single day. You should never leave it so that your body is dehydrated and begging you for something to drink – it’s not good for your health at all, plus you will generally feel run down, dizzy and tired. Water not only stops you from feeling thirsty though, but it also gives your skin a wonderful glow, helps everything pass through your body a lot easier, and regulates your body’s temperature through sweating.

Originally we were told to be drinking from eight to ten glasses of water every day, but now that has risen to ten to twelve. People on the move may just forget though, so one trick you can do is to keep a bottle of water with you throughout the day and top it up as you go along.

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