Wake Up Your Tired Home With These 4 Eye-Opening Ideas

When life gets busy, we have a tendency to neglect the house. It’s not that we don’t still love our homes, it’s just that work and family take a precedent over the constant DIY and makeovers. Time spent in the office along with time spent with the family does mean the house suffers somewhat, but it does get boring looking at the same tired walls and floors. Your home should be somewhere you are proud of and if you are in the process of neglecting it, it’s time to wake up and breathe a little life back into it!

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Revitalising the home doesn’t mean knocking it down and rebuilding brick for brick, but it does mean giving it a spruce up. From top to bottom, your home should feel like somewhere you can relax. If you have children at your heel, it should be safe and comforting for them, too. It’s not just about the inside of the house, either. Your home should look it’s best on the outside, too, so that you can feel that pride that this is a piece of work that you have put effort into. So, how can you give the house the ultimate makeover, without spending the earth?

Head Outside. When you walk to work or to the shops, you likely notice the houses that you walk past every day. You’ll notice the ones with the crumbling paint jobs around the windows and the ones with the missing roof tiles. You’ll also feel envy for those beautiful wooden shutters on the next street over and the wraparound porch painted to perfection. Take a walk outside your door and look at the house. Is the paint peeling? Should you be calling a roofing company to refit the tiles and clear the gutters? Does your porch need a fresh coat of paint and sealant? Look at the grass and the flowers and decide how you can make the exterior of your house stand out and be the envy of the people who pass it by.

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Look Down. Your floors see a lot of traffic, especially in hallways and areas of heavy use. If you are a fan of having carpets down, these do need a refresh every couple of years. If you haven’t got the funds for entirely new carpets through the home, why not look at hiring one of these gadgets to clean them thoroughly and restore them to their former glory? Those with hardwood flooring that has been professionally coated or varnished should also look to giving them a breath of life. Homes tend to have carpets in bedrooms so going over these with heavy duty cleaner can really change the whole look.

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To The Windows. The windows are the eyes of the home, so you shouldn’t be blinded by grubby panes! Check out these clever window cleaner ideas for home ingredients and head outside with some kitchen towels. Kitchen towel always clears windows better than standard cloths as they clear the cleaning solution and water without streaks left behind. Cleaning the windows can make a huge difference to the look of the home, both inside and outside, and don’t forget the wooden panes, either. Those collect dirt like nothing else and need a good scrub once a month.

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To The Walls. Inside the house, especially with children running around, has the potential to get quite dirty and worn very quickly. Wallpaper can always be replaced quite cheaply, but it’s a much simpler job to just repaint the walls if you are able to. You can’t put a price on the way a newly decorated house will make you feel, but if you’re on a budget then a simple paint job is definitely worth the money. Hang some pretty artwork or create a gallery wall with family photos to brighten up walls that don’t have much furniture against them. You could even mark off some space in the kids’ bedroom so they can do a handprint mural! There are so many ideas around to brighten your walls and you can see some here.

The way you update your home has to reflect how you feel about your home. Allowing it to become rundown and tired is a symptom of a busy life, so it’s important to make the room in your routines for house repairs and updates. Once you have updated your home you can relax a lot easier in your more comfortable surroundings! Start making that list, you’ve got some work cut out for you!

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