Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Kid-Friendly?

Dogs make an incredible addition to the family. Not only are they the life and soul of the home, but they’re also great companions for kids as they grow up.


But what makes a great dog? Which dog breeds are the friendliest?


Before even looking at dog breeds, it’s important to understand the ideal characteristics for dogs. One of the most important is whether or not the dog breed itself is sturdy. In other words, is the dog going to be long-lived and free from illness? Or will it need constant trips to the vet?


The next question is to ask whether the dog breed is friendly and intelligent? Some breeds are a lot less friendly than others.


Finally, you want a dog with the right energy levels for your family environment. If you’re an indoor family, then you’ll need a relatively low maintenance breed. But if you’re a sporty family and want to take your dog with you when you exercise, then you’ll need something a little more energetic.


Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers are among the most popular of all family dogs because of their good temperament and the ease with which they can be trained. These dogs are large, however, so it is important to make sure that you’ve got enough space in your home to house them. Midwest Homes for Pets recommend that you consider the size of the crate that you buy, as Golden Retrievers require a lot of space. Experts also recommend that these dogs have company all the time – ideal for families where there is always at least one other person in the house.


Boston Terrier



Boston Terriers look both funny and fearsome. With their tuxedo-like fur, they’re cute, but they also look aggressive too. There’s a good reason for this: these dogs were originally bred for fighting. But the good news is that today, these hounds are among the friendliest of all. What’s more, their stocky frame makes them ideal for families who want a dog in a small, manageable package.



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Beagles are a pack breed of dog, meaning that they need to be around people or other dogs all the time to avoid anxiety. They’re also a friendly dog, making them an excellent companion for young children who might otherwise be worried.


Basset Hounds

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Basset hounds are ideal for families who spend the majority of their time indoors. They’re slower than many other breeds, thanks to their elongated shape, but they still enjoy exercise in the open air.


One problem with Bassets is that they tend to be quite difficult to train. If you take on a Basset, make sure that you have plenty of time to put in the necessary hours that these dogs require.



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Brittanys are the ideal dog for active families. They love being outdoors all day long and can keep up even on the most gruelling runs. Thanks to the pedigree of their breed, they’re also very easy to train and are best-suited to large families where there is always one person to take the dog out for walkies.

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