Why The Border Collie is the Perfect Dog For Your Active Family

When it comes to choosing a dog to suit your family, your kids will probably end up bringing up pictures of the cutest, smallest, fluffiest pooches imaginable. With the rise of teddy bear cross breeds, it’s not surprising. Their popularity is at an all-time high and they look like walking bundles of fur. But before choosing any breed, in particular, it’s important to bear your family’s needs in mind. Different breeds tend to have different characteristics, mannerisms, tendencies, wants and needs. So choose wisely. If you’re part of a particularly active family, with little ones running around and a hectic schedule, you might want to consider the Border Collie. Here are just a few reasons why the beautiful breed would suit your family down to a tee.

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Breed Statistics


The Border Collie is traditionally a herding dog and will generally grow to between one foot six inches and one foot ten inches at the shoulder. They will usually weigh around thirty to forty five pounds and have an expected lifespan of between twelve and fifteen years. These statistics are ideal for a family with children. Why? Well, firstly, the dog isn’t so small that he or she could be easily hurt or injured by young children attempting to pick them up in the wrong way, falling on them or generally playing a little too hard. Of course, children should always be supervised around dogs and should be taught how to pet them correctly and treat them gently. They should also be taught not to attempt to pick any dog up under any circumstance. However, as all parents know, accidents happen. Having a slightly larger dog is likely to reduce the potential detrimental effects of this. On the other hand, the breed isn’t too large. When it comes to large dogs like Great Danes, children will often view them as mini ponies and attempt to ride them. Larger breeds could also accidentally knock children down while running about the house and playing. The Border Collie is a medium-sized breed, offering the perfect middle ground in terms of stature.

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Energy Levels


As any parent knows, you need plenty of energy when it comes to living in a house with children. They’re pretty much nonstop, so you need a dog that matches their enthusiasm. The Border Collie was traditionally bred as a working dog. They have the stamina to endure long hours of physical activity. Instead of herding sheep though, this can be spent playing with your kids. They also make the perfect running partner for those of us who enjoy jogging in the park. When taking your Collie out of the house, remember to make sure they are on a secure harness. Invest in the best dog harness for running. This will keep them secure and will ensure that any pressure caused by running on a lead is spread across their chest, as opposed to pulling at their neck.

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When you have little ones causing all sorts of havoc, you don’t need an unruly dog adding to your stresses. Border Collies are highly intelligent and easily trained, meaning that once you’ve trained them as a puppy, they will be ready and set to go for their entire life. They can learn all sorts of commands and tricks and will give you minimum stress in terms of bad behavior.


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