Before You Make that Car Purchase –

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I don’t know about you, but when the time comes to start looking for a vehicle, I get a bit overwhelmed.  To say the least.  I begin to ask myself, “HOW am I to choose exactly which car is going to be a good fit for us?”  Which way do you turn when you need information, and fast?



Most of us nowadays, turn to the internet to do our research.  There are many excellent websites to look at to help you find that perfect vehicle, but there was one that I turned to this last time, and it actually made my search RIDICULOUSLY easy!   I started out searching craigslist; I checked Kelly Blue Book, and yes, I even went to dealer (new and used) websites.  Nothing could have gotten me more confused!


I went to after receiving an email about them.  I was skeptical that it could actually help me, but gave it a shot anyway.  I started out searching SUV’s that I KNEW I may like, just from seeing other vehicles on the road.  This website is crazy easy.   You can search new OR used.  You can search by individual makes/models.  You can even narrow down the search to find a vehicle that’s within 20 miles of your home!  THAT is where my skepticism left!  There were 100’s of vehicles within a 20-50 mile radius of my home!  Talk about choices!

Now, this site makes it SO easy, but even better YET?  Yes, it gets BETTER!!  Not only can you find the actual vehicles in your area.. puts ALL this information at your fingertips, on one easy to use site!!  You found a car you like, you say?  FANTASTIC!!  Now, you can read the reviews on the car, you can get the CARFAX report on the car, AND you can find service shops for your vehicle!

Needless to say, is definitely the new One-Stop Shop, and really will change the game for car buyers!  No more relying on what the salesman says at the dealership!  Know what you want, and what you’ve got (trade in values, maximum you’re willing to spend for your car, and the exact history of the cars you’re interested in!) BEFORE you go!

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