A Healthy Mom Is A Happy Mom: Simple Steps To Take Now!

If you’re a mom, you probably devote most of your time and energy to making sure that your kids are happy and healthy. Of course, your children are your priority, but putting them first shouldn’t come at a price. As a mom, you need to make sure that you’re happy and healthy too. Here are some simple steps you can take now to improve your wellbeing and protect yourself from illness.

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Dealing with stress

Stress is part and parcel of life for most of us, but there is a line. Most of us can cope with mild bouts of stress, but sometimes, it can get all a bit too much, and this is when you need to try and deal with stress. There are times when we all feel overwhelmed, or we have too much on our plates, but it’s not normal to feel like this all the time. It’s really useful, as a busy mom, to have some coping strategies in place that you can call upon if you feel like you’re beginning to struggle. Self-help techniques like meditation, exercise, and creative activities can help you to manage your emotions, clear your mind, and get back on track. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of time to yourself or a friend or family member to offload onto. In other cases, you may need more intensive or long-term treatment or help. You may find it beneficial to go to therapy once a week, for example. If you are having difficulty coping with stress, talk to your doctor.

Often, moms get stressed because they have to do much to do and not enough hours in the day. If you constantly feel like you’re running around like a headless chicken, it’s really useful to learn to say no. You’re not superhuman, so don’t feel like you have to try and be in ten different places at once. Ask for help, and don’t be afraid to say no if you can’t take on overtime at work or you don’t have time to help friends out with childcare.

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Getting enough rest

Life as a mom is notoriously busy. When you have a newborn, sleepless nights are all too common, and even when your children get older, it can be difficult to get into a routine where you’re getting enough sleep every night. If you do have trouble sleeping, try and take steps to eliminate potential hurdles. If you can’t get comfy in bed when you’re on your side, for example, look for a mattress that is designed for a right side sleeping position. If you find that you’re nodding off when you’re watching TV, go to bed earlier. If your room is too noisy, invest in some earplugs or look into double glazing. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably spent a lot of time trying to get your children into a sleep regimen. Once you’ve done this, focus on yourself. If you can get used to going to bed and getting up at a similar time, you should find that you sleep much better. If you are a new parent, the first few months can be incredibly hard, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re struggling. It’s impossible to survive on no sleep, and sometimes, you just need a nap to make it through to the end of the day. Ask friends and relatives to help out and take every opportunity to rest.

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Being active

Many of us try and encourage our kids to swap the games console for the garden from time to time, but are you setting a good example? Did you know that inactivity is even more damaging for your health than obesity? Health experts recommend doing five 30-minute sessions of moderate exercise per week. Exercise is not just good for your physical health. It can also help to reduce the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety. It can also give you some valuable ‘me time’ if you’ve had a frantic day or you’re craving a few moments alone. Try and fit physical activity into your schedule. Book some evening yoga or dance classes or work out at home with a DVD if you’ve got small kids who haven’t started school yet. You can also make changes to your lifestyle that will be beneficial for the entire family, such as spending more time in the great outdoors and walking or cycling instead of taking the car out.

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Eating well

Nutrition is really important for growing kids, but it’s also something that should be a priority for you. If you cook a meal for your children every day and then end up with a takeout or a ready meal for your dinner, you’re not alone. If this scenario sounds familiar, try eating with your kids or cooking in batches so that you can freeze and then prepare individual portions with minimal hassle. There are hundreds of simple, healthy recipes you can follow online and myriad books that are suitable for families. Design a menu at the start of the week, try and up your intake of fruit and vegetables and keep takeouts and sweet foods as treats for the weekends.

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If you’re a mom who wants the best for their kids, you’re not alone. However, you shouldn’t let focusing on raising healthy, happy children affect your own health and wellbeing. If you’re tearing around all the time, you don’t have the energy to exercise or cook a meal for yourself, and you don’t get enough sleep, this could put you at risk of health problems. It’s brilliant that you’re so concerned about your kids, but it’s also really important to realize that your health matters too. Start taking steps to improve your health now. You don’t have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Making small adjustments could make a world of difference. Learn to spot when stress is getting the better of you and try some coping strategies, make sure you get enough rest and use your support network. Try and be more active and focus on healthy eating. Adopting good habits as a family will benefit everybody.

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