Creative Ways To Utilize Your Garage Space More Effectively


When considering home extensions, many people opt for one of two ways. The first is to build upwards with a loft conversion to create an extra room, or secondly to build outwards with a conservatory. While these are both valid ways of creating extra space, there is also a great deal of financial expense involved. A simpler solution to an extension may be right outside your front door. If you are only using your garage as a place to hoard junk and boxes, you may as well make better use of the space and create something you will actually use on a regular basis.

There will still be some expense involved in converting a garage into a usable space, but as you won’t be building an entirely new room, there will be less money spent on renovation costs. You will need to think about weather-proofing, so before you focus on the inside, you will need to do a little work ensuring water and cold air can’t get in. Do what you can yourself, such as weatherstripping seals around doors and windows, and paint the walls and floors with waterproof paint. An older garage will need a little more work, so have a look at these garage doors for sale, and consider replacing any fittings on the inside.

Once the garage is fit for use, it’s time to think about how you will use this extra space. You want a room that befits your lifestyle, and you may already have something in mind for the new room. However, to get you thinking, here are some ideas you might find useful.

A home gym


This is perfect for anybody who doesn’t have the time or motivation to make the trip to the gym each week. You can kit out the gym with as much equipment as you need, from exercise machines to sets of weights. Mirrors can be added to the walls to make your room feel like a real gym, and you might consider adding floor mats made out of foam or rubber to aid your comfort.


Kids will love the extra play area, and you can kit the room out to suit their hobbies and interests. Get the kids involved in decorating the space, and make a room they can call their own. Add a comfortable seating area with bean bags and a funky sofa, and they will also have a place to hang out with their mates. Include plenty of storage options for their toys, and include a tv for their video game consoles. However, remember that kids do grow up quickly, so the room will need to be adaptable to their age and tastes. They will grow out of that dinosaur wallpaper eventually!

Guest room

You no longer need to submit your guests to the indignity of sleeping on the sofa. Create a room where they can feel comfortable, perhaps with a sofa bed, tv on the wall, and their own toilet or shower area. This can also be a great money-making idea, as you could rent the room out to others. Of course, whether you provide catering or not, is another matter!

Home office

As many people choose to work from home these days, having an office space away from the hustle and bustle of the main house will be invaluable. The room will need to be well ventilated with plenty of light coming in, so as to provide optimal working conditions.  You will need a wide, spacious desk for your computer and other equipment, as well as a comfortable office seat if you are sitting for long periods. When not in use by yourself, the room could also double as homework space for the kids.

Home cinema

If you don’t intend on adding windows to the garage, this is a perfect idea. However, you could still add blackout blinds to any windows you have fitted, and create the darkness needed for your optimal movie watching experience. You should also consider soundproofing the room, as you don’t want to scare the neighbors, or annoy anybody using the main house.

Granny annexe

For those of you who need to have an elderly relative living with you, the garage space will be a practical alternative to the main home. A larger garage space would be preferable if you intend to add more than just a bedroom. For example, a downstairs loo and shower space are ideal if there are issues with the stairs, and a kitchen area would be ideal to enable independence. Warmth will be a priority, so as well as adding radiators, you should also consider underfloor heating for added comfort.

Man cave


For the man in your life, the man cave could be the ideal place for him to get some space and indulge in any hobby he is into. Not only will he have time to get some personal time, but you will also have the house (and tv) to yourself while he is out of your hair. That sounds a little harsh, but let’s be honest, a healthy relationship is maintained by giving each other space when it’s needed.

Social area

Turn the garage into a dedicated area to entertain your guests. You might add a dance floor, with a sound system and disco lighting. Use a corner of the space for a bar and dining area. Extra seating will also be a must.

Money making area

We have already mentioned renting the room out to lodging guests, but there are other ways to make money. For example, if you aren’t using the space for your own car, somebody else might benefit from the parking space for their vehicle. Alternatively, a home office space could be shared with others, particularly if somebody needs a base for their business operations. We could all use a little bit of cash in our pockets, so this may be an ideal solution.

Over to you

Those were our ideas, but you will have thoughts of your own. Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy the extra space.

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