Dealing With the Responsibilities You Have as a New Family

Who said that raising a family was easy? If you’re a new mom then trying to find the motivation to continue can be difficult. Once the initial energy and happiness of having a child wears off, the reality of it all will soon settle in and you’ll need to save money, work hard and keep your head down if you want to raise your child and give them a secure future.

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Responsibilities that every mom needs to understand


As a new mom, you can’t just leave your child and start working in an attempt to provide them with money for the future. You need to spend time with your child by interacting with them, playing with them and taking them on trips together. Sadly, you can’t just do this and not focus on money either—you have to strike a balance. To complicate things further, you also need some time to yourself. Your friends will invite you out, you’ll want to indulge in a holiday or a night out with friends and family, and you’re going to go insane if you confine yourself to just your job and your work.


Here are just a couple of tips on how you can balance your family and working life so you can both provide your child with a secure future and also give yourself some space to do what you want.


  • Trust in quality childcare – if you and your partner aren’t going to have much time to rotate between family duties, then make sure you invest in quality childcare that you can trust


    • Stay connected – whether it’s giving your children a smartphone or speaking to your partner who is taking care of them, make sure you stay connected with each other and keep communications open as much as possible
    • Schedule your day and keep things simple – don’t over-complicate matters by trying to do too many things at once. Keep your day simple by scheduling it and give yourself ample time for each task. If possible, use a family calendar and place it in a spot everyone can see such as the fridge


  • Speak with your employer – as a new family, you’re going to have a lot of responsibilities and you need to communicate them with your employer. It’s possible that your employer could give you extra leave to look after your child, but you could also have the option of working remotely from home
  • Include your children in your days out – if possible, involve your children when they’re old enough. For instance, you could go out to see a movie as a family, or you could bring your children when you go for a meal



Monetary responsibilities you can’t avoid


Ensure that you’re keeping a savings account for future purposes and also for yourself. For instance, when you think about the safety and well-being of your children, then you can’t neglect their health insurance or the fees you need to pay for a family dentist or doctor. These monetary responsibilities need to be taken into consideration and you can’t ignore them. Prioritise them over any kind of luxuries and, if possible, always have some savings for when you encounter an emergency.


Make sure that you contact people for help if you’re struggling with paying the bills or providing for your children. Learn to live frugally while you’re still trying to grasp the ropes of becoming a mother and you’ll find that simplifying life can make things a lot easier.

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