Decorating Your Home With Kids in Mind

Home. During those impressionable childhood years, it will be the environment your child is exposed to the most. Here you will find those first moments that will help to shape who your child is and who they will one day become. Your home is such an important element to their development, and what you fill it with is tremendously important too.


When you are decorating your home with children in mind, there are some key elements to consider. Things like safety, durability, and even the fun factor, are all important to keep in mind, but can all three be achieved? Can you find that balance between safe and entertaining? Can you fill your home with furniture that is both beautiful and durable, and even easy to clean? It may seem impossible, but rest assured, it can be done!


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Think safety


Built within many a child is an uncanny desire to be in ten places at once. While this is a trait to be commended, it is also a trait to be protected. When you are choosing your furniture, keep in mind that the less sharp or pointed the edges are, the better it will be. Using an ottoman for a coffee table would fulfill the safe and fun factors for sure!


Consider antiques


Antiques are a wonderful thing. Since they are older, there often aren’t that many like it out there, therefore making your purchase and your home all the more unique! Add to this the fact that antique furniture already comes looking weathered, and you’ve got a perfect match for children. Getting a few extra dings on that antique chair or bedframe will only add to its charm. Particle board furniture, however, will typically not stand the test of time in your home. It is often flimsy and really cannot endure the natural day-to-day tendencies of a child.


Provide rest


When decorating your child’s room, it is important to carefully consider windows. Window treatments, can be the difference between a well-rested child or a grumpy one. You’re going to need something that will provide full coverage for both those early morning hours, and daylight napping hours alike. Don’t forget that window coverings that have cords are a huge safety hazard for your children, so be sure to stick with the safer, cordless options that are available. Waterproof shutters are an excellent choice and, because they are waterproof and therefore mold-resistant, they are allergen-free as well!


Choose lower maintenance


While it may be pretty, decorating your home with higher maintenance items could prove to be a hassle that you won’t want to be faced with day after day. That chair might look amazing, but will the ice cream or marker stains wash right out? The carpet is beautiful, but will it look so great a few months in? Ceramic or laminated flooring might be a better choice.


Decorating may be challenging at times, but it’s also fun! Don’t just decorate with your kids in mind, let them get involved as well. Making them feel a part of the process will go a long way towards their developing confidence, and it just may give them a new-found respect for their house as a whole.  Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

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